Rwanda is aiming to make imports of secondhand Clothes a factor of the previous, as a part of an effort to spice up alternatives for homegrown companies. In 2019 it plans for a complete ban on imports of used clothes, having already progressively raised import tariffs on such items.

Rwandan authorities and improvement leaders say that the transfer away from importing used garments – variously known as ‘chagua’, ‘mitumba’ or ‘salaula’ in African nations – will restore delight and dignity to Rwandans used to sifting by piles of secondhand clothes imported from Western nations, significantly the United States.

Rwandan home opinion on the import restrictions is blended. Proponents say eradicating used clothes from home markets helps clear the strategy to begin constructing a vibrant and self-sufficient manufacturing base. But critics are involved that used clothes merchants have seen their companies crumble and that the import ban has as an alternative cleared the approach for a flood of low cost new clothes from locations resembling China and Turkey.

We’ll check out Rwanda’s efforts to kickstart its homegrown companies and the hopes and issues of individuals in commerce and trade.

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  1. In Britain they have Primark that sales clothes which are brand new and cheap, but not of the same quality as the high end clothes. The best thing about this is that the clothes are brand new and affordable. Yes infrastructures need to be put in place. The youth in Rwanda need to have jobs and a future to be proud of.

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  3. Open a Walmart, what's these people talking about! Bold move by the government! African need to stop been used and abused!! Wonder why they called African shit hole ..

  4. Clarification. Those same clothes which were imported for $17 mil Wholesale Represented about $100 mil at retail in the US, when those same clothes were new in the US. The number could be higher too, but I am guessing everybody can agree that a $5.00 pair or used jeans was probably $50 brand new. Those are the street prices in the US where used clothing is also sold. I used a lower multiple than 1:10 below in “Indigenous Supporter” post , which was meant to be conservative. Realistically Rwanda May have to create a $170 mil output per year industry , while being limited to selling the merchandise for say $20 mil if by Magic the poor will have more money as a result of giving connected Aristocrats money to buy factories. And that will also represent a $150 mil loss. I think this is a weaponization of the clothing issue.

  5. Why don't you give your kids your baggy shirts in America…we don't need them here…we burnt plastic bags why don't we burn used undearwears their sending us?

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  7. The reason that india and china can afford to push out cheap clothing is they are making them in illegally built buildings. Their bosses dont follow any rules we have in canada and they pay their workers nothing. We have a minimum wage. They cant do that here.

  8. I live in North Africa. I like recycling because l love our planet. Please, no Asian style sweat-shops making clothes here. Clothing industries are horrible.

  9. My question to Al Jazeera (Which is becoming part of the western media propaganda machine) is how much used clothes does Qatar, your owner, import to its people? If i go to Qatar,I can't even open a business without a Qatari owning 51% of the business whether he works or not. Why must we Africans only be consumers of western clothes, foods, cars, technologies??? NO WE want to be self reliant, drive our own, wear our own. MADE IN AFRICA FOR AFRICANS

  10. I think we should first develop a system that allows for quality clothes to be manufactured in Africa. Quality clothes are expensive and affordable clothes are of poor quality. second hand clothes last way longer and are cheap enough.

    Manufacturing in some countries is also not cost effective and materials are not as readily available.

  11. How sad is this ? these clothing are donated by the American people who is sending it over to Africa and selling it ? Are you guys serious this video needs to be spread around down here in the states I'll make sure that

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  14. The only thing they should be discussing before they ban accessible and affordable second hand clothes, is how to make rwandian manufactured clothes more or equally affordable for people from every level.

  15. Omg Jackie looks like Venus Williams.

    Living for the host! Calling out the fashion house in Rwanda. He is totally delusional. Stop trying to be a fashion icon. A mess! 😂

    Until the infrastructure is strong enough to rely and provide for oneself there is nothing wrong with it.

  16. second hand clothing does not degrade people . not in canada anyways . we have 2nd hand clothing stores where the prices go down cheaper and now with facebook we sell all our used good clothing on our cities buy and sell page..we paid good money for it why shouldnt we.

  17. Beeen wearing secondhand clothes my whole life. And i find this debate totally obnoxious, there's no harm to anyone's dignity in wearing something which some one else's discarded clothes ( garment industry tryna brainwash people to weat new stuff )

  18. The guests on this panel were all so cute, loved it
    Also it was a very interesting topic, but in my opinion it was missing maybe ideas from an economic political policies point of view, like if the expected growth in employment in the fashion industry could create also more indirect jobs because of expected growth of the newly employed population income


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