Hi everybody! This is my first video!
I hope you guys prefer it uwu

If you wanna know my Instagram, right here it’s! https://instagram.com/lilac._.designs?igshid=tjoq1678bhr0

I’ll add another outfits quickly🎶


  1. L – Little
    I – Intelligent
    N – Neat
    D – Dear
    S – Super
    E – Editor
    Y – Youtuber

    E – Editing
    D – Darling
    I – Internet Developer (:3)
    T – Talker
    S – Sister

    I love chu and I’m using the one at 0:32

  2. Okay most of these are by lilac designs but to me this looks like other people’s outfits with ?your? Thing I forgot the thing that says lilac designs sooo Yeah ;-;

  3. Wait- Your the One Who I saw At IG?! i didn't Notice ;^; Im sorry,But I saw Your Outfits That Was why I remembered 👌😂

  4. u
    u m
    u ma
    u mak
    u make
    u make d
    u make da
    u make da b
    u make da be
    u make da bes
    u make da best
    u make the best c
    u make da best cl
    u make da best clo
    u make da best clot
    u make da best cloth
    u make da best clothe
    u make the best clothes



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