Here are 10 of No Man’s Sky’s Epic S Class Alien Multitools, these S Class Alien Multitools can all (aside from the first) be gained on PS4, Xbox and PC, No Man’s Sky has some nice MTs & those featured right here excel in dealing harm above all.

All aside from one among these multitools had been found by lavalamp64 aka Lord of War, the one he did not uncover, he nonetheless discovered the S-Class model of. The man is an absolute beast of discovery and documentation.

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    The mighty Sword tracked down the S Class cabinet on a planet in the system, meaning that PC players can now also obtain this MT in S-Class, you can see the moment Sword found this Multitool on stream here
    On the Planet Ebash 76/T6 at the coordinates -59.32, -46.72, Good hunting my dudes!

    Here is an import code for the official Xaine's World Galactic Calculator App

    Which will add all 10 S Class Alien Multitool Address with all the info required in the descriptions to your Address Book on the app. It's good! you should use it 🙂

    #10$10E2F86A2EA3:Alien MT 10:Green Handle with Black and Dark Grey Crystal, Reload on Gurjurr Rima, Head to Asvegard, neg58.72, neg124.93. Discovered by lavalamp.$103A01BDDA51:Alien MT 9:Brown Handle with Green Crystal Horns on top back, Black to Light Tan Housing, Sigateigh XV 39.84, neg112.86. Discovered by lavalamp.$108201BDDA51:Alien MT 8:Turquoise Handle, Pink Crystal with a Black to Red Fade Housing,Uptorisc Minor neg47.68, neg107.85. Discovered by lavalamp.$21E403937E6C:Alien MT 7:Cool Alien Pistol, Reload on Eppum 57Q1, then head to Rawleyci Beta, 39.40, 37.42. Discovered by lavalamp.$11E403937E6C:Alien MT 6:hours slacker! I do at least an hour less than that! $105602AB1472:Alien MT 5:Tan Handle with Bleached Horns, Stunted Black to Blue Crystal,Itwi VIII neg28.22, 117.16. Disc by Jon Hall, lavalamp.$10DBFCFF7010:Alien MT 4:Turquoise Handle, Faded Green Horns and Crystal, with a Black to Red Fading Housing, Ibets 43Z5 75.21, 176.82. Discovered by lavalamp.$1046D7B5A7FF:Alien MT 3:Light Green Handle, Pink Horns, with Black and White Casing.Cius Prime 0.08, 36.06. Discovered by lavalamp.$20F6FA9CAD32:Alien MT 2:Red Handled, Military Green with Blue Tip, Crystal and Accents ,New Rupusch 47.97, 160.50, Reload on Preen if gone. Discovered by Lavalamp$10DFFCFC8157:Black/Crem Alien MT 1:The Space Station on Warp or Portal in houses an S Class Alien MT. Black to Cream with Green Light Accents.$#

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  2. I'm assuming the Beyond Update broke something. Went to the location for the #5 MT. And it was B-Class. Reloaded my save many times now. And that specific MT hasn't shown up again.

  3. Can you come out with an updated video on S Class Alien Multi tool locations? The Beyond update changed the locations and I really want one on my new account.

  4. Having a very difficult time finding #9's planet on Xbox. The A class version is definitely on the station though.

    So in the discoveries it shows the planet is there but I can't see it. I have no idea what to do I have flown around every planet just to see if it was hiding and haven't found it. This is weird.

  5. Hello and thanks for the guide! Unfortunately for me I cannot collect #8, I have tried everything I can think of, there are message's at location so it is viable, any suggestions?

  6. Sword – Thanks for tracking down "Sleep of Storms" you rock.

    OK, I have a question, I flew to the listed place for tool 5, and I'm sure I'm in the right place because of the messages left but the tool cabinet contains a horrid C class pistol, how do I get the correct item back in the case?
    Messages say C and some say S at the site 🙁 I did find a B within a couple minutes but that isn't what I want 🙂


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