Edible Items Prank! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yJTuZuN9ZM&t=6s
Cheap To Gourmet: Ramen Noodles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bslN1…
Welcome to Totally trendy! Today, Røze and I’m going face to face to see who can full the very best DIY from the greenback retailer in 10 MINUTES!
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  1. In my imaginary world Sam likes Woods, BUT CATHERINE SECRETLY likes him and Woods flirts with Sam but since Catherine likes him he's trapped in the middle and can't decide but since it MY BRAIN Catherine falls for TANNER, then Sam and Woods are in love but they can't be together because their evil big eared boss Maearis won't let them be together but then Maearis gets convinced by his beautiful (too good for him) wife Amanda that love is in the air and that they need to be together so they can have a beautiful future and child like Maearis and Amanda

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  2. Got a video idea for you. Pick a store, like a craft store or dollar store, and ask viewers for directions. They pick an isle, right or left of that isle, and shelf (like bottom, top, or middle shelf) etc. (Example: Isle 6, top shelf, right side of the isle). Take the first 10 direction suggestions, go to those locations, and try to create something from the items you gather.

  3. I saw you on Dope or Nope and totally fell for your personality!!! I am not a fan no matter what you talk about. #Souls4Sam. I don't know what else sounded good with Sam so now your subs are called your souls…lol.


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