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10 SHOES Every Woman Should Own! These are necessities or prerequisites that you will love! And an enormous thanks to Nordstrom for partnering with me for this video!! All gadgets proven are linked…simply click on ‘SHOW MORE’ under. I actually hope you get pleasure from this video 🙂





Madewell (Pointy) Flats:
Pointy Mule model:
Other Pointy Option:

Black Loafers (inexpensive):

Classic Gucci Loafers:

Gucci Logo Canvas Loafers:

Tory Burch Sandals (leather-based):
Tory Burch Sandals (metallic emblem):

Nude Pumps (many colours):

Black/Clear Pumps:
Other choice (much less plastic, nonetheless flattering):

Nude Heel Sandals:

Black Heel Sandals:

White Chelsea Boots:
More inexpensive choice:

Black Sock Boots:

Snake Print Boots:

Hunter Boots:

Hunter Boot Socks:

2-in-1 Beige Sneakers:

Louboutin Heels:

Valentino Heels:

Gucci Sneakers:

Studded Boots:

Other Favorite Shoes:
Espadrille Wedge:
Soft Leather Slide:
Leopard Heels:
Leopard Sandals:
Ankle Strap Sandals:
Pearl Strappy Sandals:
Crochet Mules:
Valentino Flip Flop:


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Vlogging Camera:
Studio Box Lights:
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*FTC Disclaimer: This video was in collaboration with Nordstrom, however all merchandise had been bought with my very own cash & all opinions are my very own. I take advantage of affiliate hyperlinks.  As a buyer, you don’t pay any roughly due to an affiliated hyperlink. A small share of the sale will go to the one that generated the hyperlink. Thank you in your assist of my channel!

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  1. Women should stop thinking about what looks sexy so much.. wearing shoes with no socks is very unsanitary. I nearly barfed from the foot funk of more than a few women..

    I wish it wasn't the truth, but it is..

  2. So where are the 8 up Doc Martens? Every women should have a black pair. And where are the chunky Birkenstoks for summer?
    PS: no one needs heels.

  3. Great video I looked up all the shoes and pricess and yes no thank you lol…
    But I'm definitely shopping to for the same look just different price budget. Love the shoes thanks great advice 😇😊

  4. Shea love your channel. Just subscribed a few days ago. Love your videos and ideas. You really inspire how to mix cloths. But your shoes… no no. Hate loaffers except the beige one. Hate mocasins and loffers they are a terrible in general. They look like men shoes. Love the burch flip flops. The pumpes great de pvc incredible. Even de 4×4 boots. But the rest of the boots are not my cup of tea. Except the black sock boot. And the sandals how about some platforms or wedges. Sneekers or tennis shooes…lol

  5. 💛🎪💚 l make biggggggggggg like 👍👍 this butiful sandles for this butiful legs foot 🔮🔮 sandles make me see this butiful legs 👡👡l love its so muchhhhhh butiful legs in butiful sandles ✔👡💚🎪💛🍎🌻💙🌻💘🌻💃🌻🍎🌻💖🌻💜🌻🔮🌻💕🌻💙🌻❤🌻❤🌻

  6. HINT: Fast forward a bit, to 1 or 2 minutes in. To get through her long winded chatter. Then it gets good. I like her videos but hate the useless chatter. Who cares about your earrings, when people are watching this about shoes.

  7. I love name brands.. But when it comes to shoes… I just dont care for them . i feel like id rather get somthing that looks very close to the name brand shoes … Besides im hardly ever looking at anyone's feet … Idk …


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