Take a glance again on the final hundred years of menstruation merchandise, from the do-it-yourself fabric pads of the 1910s and the sanitary belts of the 1940s, to the adhesive pads of the 1970s and the brand new tremendous absorbent tampons of the 1980s.

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100 Years of Periods | Allure


  1. All of this reminds me of a really good book called the body project. For all those wondering why having a period was considered a "disability" this book explains that and many other things as well!

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  3. Fact: Men do NOT menstrate.
    (of a WOMAN) discharge blood and other material from the lining of the uterus as part of the menstrual cycle.
    "she had begun to menstruate"

  4. The pads are the best not only for periods. My son was bleeding through his nose so much I put one And the bleeding stopped soon after, that are their purpose after all, an emergency! don't be ashamed!

  5. Kinda funny that a man invented tampons (not that there's anything wrong with that I just don't picture a man studying women's menstrual hygiene)


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