Take a glance again on the final hundred years of ladies’s footwear. From the peep toe cutouts of the 1930s and the kitten heels of the 1960s to the disco diva platforms of the 1970s and the comfortable and heat Ugg boots of the early 2000s, right here is how ladies’s footwear have reworked over the past century.

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100 Years of Women’s Shoes | Glamour


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  2. Give the 20s lady some decent stockings… and give the 30s lady some stockings AND shoes that fit. Stockings had seams in the earlier decades. 1950s had a lot of stiletto pumps, ballet flats and saddle shoes. It would probably be better to have 2 or 3 iconic styles per decade to accurately represent them. Is this the same producer of Allure 100 years of… ? Not much care or study is taken.


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