Here are 11 Travel outfit concepts with some easy key items so that you can combine and match. This is a how-to styling tip video which is able to provide help to pack gentle with some easy styling hacks you are able to do in relation to journey. You can nonetheless look cute touring for this spring summer time 2019 with out over packing or not packing sufficient outfits! In the video, I cowl the outfits and sneakers however as you may see, there are many areas left within the baggage to pack different necessities. Please watch my Travel playlist on my channel for extra useful Ideas!

Items talked about:

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Packing cubes1: /
Packing cubes 2: /
Packing cubes 3:

Luggage 1 : /
Luggage 2:
baggage 3:

Travel Packing Cubes: /
Toiletries Bag: /
Makeup Bag: /
Waterproof shoe luggage: /
Luggage: /

*Sorry most objects should not present, I listed comparable objects beneath:
Yellow Skirt: comparable Uniqlo
Black + Striped tee: Zara comparable /
Jeans: Target comparable:
Tank gown: HM
Jacket: comparable:
White cropped high: Nordstrom
Black sneakers: Asos
Sneakers: Reebok/ Zappos

Song: Mario Ayuda feat. Summer – Let’s Ride [Concordia Recordings]

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  1. Ann, I usually love all your videos, but this was some Basic B travel options for me. No type of pizazz or print or… ANYTHING! I guess this was a great foundation for travel outfits!!! Thanks for the videos!

  2. Finally an outfit Video like in the good old time 🙂 It`s great that you do it more often now!! But the last take (the fast motion) is too fast, I had to make it slower to see what you`re doing 😀 What`s in the pink bag? Where did you get your packing cubes from? I`m looking for some.

    I know that for you it ist long ago and it is not a main topic on your chanel or something like that, but could you do a video with some kind of topic like "the birth of my son", "how life changes when you get a child", "the first years with a child" or something? Many youtuber do it and it is so interesting. But I can understand if you dont want that kind of topic on your chanel or it is too long ago or too private. Just asking 😉

    Stay who you are and do what you do! You`re great! Things will surely fall to place 😉 Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. Fabulous video footage! Here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to run across this sort of content. We produce Travel & Food movies as well, around the the world, and we are always looking to get inspirations as well as vision. Thank You.

  4. I loved this video! It’s crazy how I get paranoid and overpack. But when I go to put outfits together, I end up picking the same pieces and doing a mix-and-match 😅 shows how we really need to invest in versatile pieces that we wear all the time. Thanks for sharing and also for adding the end part with your packing! ❤️


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