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We’ve been following Nora from The Professional Hobo for years now and she or he was a enormous inspiration for us once we first obtained began travelling full-time and attempting to maintain our travels by working on-line.

We just lately (and eventually!) had the prospect to satisfy her in particular person once we have been each in Toronto on the identical time, so we sat down and requested her all about her digital nomad way of life.

In this interview, she talks about 2 of the important thing issues that make financially sustainable journey potential: decreasing your bills, and discovering a approach to earn cash as you go.

She additionally talks concerning the challenges and rewards of the approach to life, together with surviving three pure disasters, three tropical illnesses, the theft of her passport, and rather more.

Some of the sources she talked about within the video are tremendous useful and we have included hyperlinks under so you may test them out:

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World eBook:

How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World

Financial Case Studies from Long-Term Travellers:

Nora’s Annual Expense & Income Reviews:

Follow Nora on Social Media:

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  1. Hi😊 Niels and Sina here,
    we sold everything we have, too. We're traveling since 17 months and spend 4000 USD💰 together (including visa). We are hitchhiking , camping, Couchsurfing, woofing, using Workaway, and so on. You don't need much money for full-time traveling👍😊. We even met people, who started without any money. We also survived a natural catastrophe in Pakistan 🇵🇰 and got robbed in Iran🇮🇷. But we never had a moment of thinking about giving up. This is living! It's a roller coaster 🤗 During the trip we want to build up our channels to inspire people with low budget traveling and trusting humanity again😍. There are so many good people, waiting to meet and help you. There are so many hospitalble countries❤. This video is absolutely great, because this woman speaks from our souls. Thanks for sharing,
    Sina & Niels

  2. Yeah at first glance, just roam the earth. Great. No long-term commitments. Just leave. You mom sick with cancer, you're not there. Your sister has a baby, you're not there. Your dad dies of a heart attack, you miss the funeral and being their for your family. Being a phone call away is not the same. I'm a nomad but have deep family and community ties meaning — you need me and I'm there. Period. Funny how we just saw a 12 minute video and I heard none of this. Very self-centered approach to life I would say. Even when doing for others it's all about what she gets out of it. A sad way to live ones life. The punchline to a 21st century joke I would say.

  3. Finally! Someone who actually shares all the info about their money. Too often people skip the fact they already "had money" before they began their travel lifestyle, leading you to believe they magically did it all with nothing. They always say they sold everything but leave out the part where they have a trust fund or a big company to sell off.

  4. I was searching for time travel theory videos on youtube, and when I saw this I thought that this would be an interview of someone who actually claims to be a time traveller. So I thought, "This is horseradish!" Then I watched the video and realized my mistake, whoops. Great video!

  5. I'm able to travel for free due to flights benefits for another 3 years (i'm 20 years old). I've been researching jobs that I can take on while traveling to make $. I feel like i've watched every video and every blog about what jobs to do while traveling. I'm really considering making my own vlogs while I travel and making interesting/original videos. Any adivce anyone can give me regarding any good jobs while I travel? much love

  6. As_for_having_passport_stolen,_I_read_somewhere_(don't_recall_where)_to_take_a_photo_of_all_your_Important_Documents_and_eMail_them_to_yourself_and_maybe_a_friend_or_family_member.

  7. 1. Free accomodation around the world.
    2. Save on transportation – travel slow + frequent flyers
    3. Work online. Freelance writing

  8. Exploring Alternatives, this was the first video of yours I have actually ever seen but as a fellow travel blogger I LOVED hearing about Nora Jones.
    The tips here were incredible. And the insights are invaluable. Thank you for interviewing her. Made sure subscribe. Channel.
    If you are ever in Utah you have a tour guide and place to crash if you want. Feel free to contact me.

  9. Wow! I love her story, especially about slow travel. I'm an exchange student in Patagonia for the year right now and definitely you have to live in a country to fully understand it

  10. Wow what a woman, she is amazing, wish I was 30 years younger and I would have joined her, good for you Nora, what an amazing journey, love your video, best of luck for the future

  11. Omg! I just started traveling 4 months ago and this video is goals! I'm challenging myself to travel as long as I can to see many parts of the world and this video gives me great insight. Thank you!

  12. Love to see someone like me, not 20 anymore, but still traveling the world.
    I try to get free accommodation too, saves a ton of money.
    What is your business though? You’re making money some other way clearly.
    I’ll keep traveling and discovering and inspire others to do so!

    Cheers, Rachel Smets

  13. These first world HOBO'S dump themselves on poor third world countries, and at what cost to the Environment. You are taking away from the next generation their hopes and dreams. Very selfish.👎

  14. So I'm 19 and traveling with my girlfriend, currently we are in Asia (flying on to Sri Lanka today). We always go for on of the cheapest hostels, sometimes even ask if we can sleep in one single bed together to get a reduced price. We share a lifestraw bottle so we don't have any running costs for water. So Transportation is by far the biggest expense for us, but we will try to hitchhike more from now on.


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