14 yr previous Priscilla throws a Halloween get together so she will begin wanting for a appropriate husband.
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  1. I’m a year younger than her but she looks at least 3-4 years older than me. (Granted, I do look young for my age, but still, being 14 and looking/behaving like a young adult is inappropriate. It’s not her fault though, definitely her mom’s.)

  2. There's no gypsies in US they never migrated here. This gypsy family's lineage is tinkers, vagrants,whores, beggars with a pick up line. The glamour of the gypsy honed over a generation or two. Oh well. At least Priscilla was not born in Bombay

  3. everytime i don't wanna do my homework or go to school, i watch this so i can remember that this would of been me if i was born 2 lifetimes earlier.

    suddenly i wanna do my work.

  4. Am sorry but my daughter would be at school having fun with friends instead of thinking about boys kids and stuff. Let them be kids before they grow up.

  5. I am a gypsy and a traveler and this law is fake as don't have one I marry boys at 14 years old so this is so fake fake fake sorry but it is


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