Do you want to attract? Do you’ve got any creative expertise?

You know, to attract, expertise will not be required. I’ll show it to you. You will study to attract faces, patterns, homes, animals. Find a chunk of paper, a pencil, felt-tip pens, paints – and begin creating. You will see many attention-grabbing methods of drawing.

See how to attract totally different patterns and ornaments, the right way to encrypt a love message, how to attract a diamond and optical illusions. You will want paper, a pen, a pencil, felt-tip pens, paints, threads, a clip, a stationery gum, and even espresso! Yes, it seems that you could additionally create one thing attention-grabbing from espresso stains.

Have you ever tried to attract a portrait of a lady? The image turned out so dangerous that it was a disgrace to indicate her? Now you may draw a extremely good portrait! You will see the right way to observe the proportions of the physique and face, how to attract stunning shiny hair, how to attract wealthy lips and expressive eyes, pure eyelashes and eyebrows, appropriate nostril.

I may even present you an effective way to entertain youngsters with a pen and a sheet of paper – drawing in cells. This sport develops youngsters’s consideration and skill to rely. You can draw totally different animals and characters on this means, you may create them your self.

Another attention-grabbing means is to attract utilizing spots. For instance, a stain from a cup of espresso. You can flip it, for instance, into the solar. Get a Pokémon from the espresso blob. And additionally, you may simply use espresso as an alternative of paint.

Do you’ve got an thought in regards to the creative perspective? Or are your homes on paper completely sq.? The stationery gum and the standard clip will allow you to to attract the right buildings.

And lastly – a really attention-grabbing means of drawing. Children will find it irresistible too. You want paper, paint, comparable to watercolor, and wool. There is totally no want expertise! Don’t fear about the results of creation, simply loosen up and benefit from the course of. Just dip the thread within the paint and stretch it between the sheets of paper. You will get sudden and delightful patterns resembling flowers and vegetation. You can organize a postcard for somebody shut on this means.


0:18 How to attract a diamond
2:54 How to attract lips
5:57 How to attract an eye fixed
6:29 Drawing in cells
10:55 Artistic Perspective

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  2. Alright, what’s up with this channel? Are the drawings only for men? ARE WE WOMEN BAD AT DRAWING?

    It’s just, with all the thumbnails and content…Everything that you guys do aren’t working. Just because you have millions of subscribers, doesn’t mean you can fool the young and old viewers to watch this with a lying thumbnail. It’s just devastating. More and more channels like yours are growing faster. Not to call out any names, but especially Troom Troom does every single thing you guys do. And I don’t like it. Don’t you see? We’re all tired of these things. You should see other peoples’ videos about you. They’re all complaining about your thumbnails, content, and videos. I’m just saying. And hey, I am an artist. You don’t have to teach them how to draw JUST these things. There’s a whole other community out there. You just haven’t seen it.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone who had read this comment. I’m not telling you to pick any sides. It’s your choice to keep watching these videos or not.

  3. it just got harder, i wanted to draw not realise how i’m failing as a human. you need to be able to draw to actually use more than half of the knowledge in this video, you need complex shading techniques, patience, and good drawing skills to begin with and i have none of those fucking skills. this video just gradually pissed me off more and more


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