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  1. Everyone saying $400 is still expensive, Australia is expensive and I’ve always said this haha. In AUS, $400 for a riding outfit (THIS IS $288 USD or $225 pounds!) is very cheap, especially including helmet and boots

    If you think you could find a cheaper BROWN pair of boots or a BROWN helmet or gloves cheaper, with postage to Australia, please point me in the right direction 🙃🙃🙃

  2. My boots cost only 95€ and they're really good. For the pants I spent around 40€ and the socks 20€. My gloves costed 40€ and my helmet 120€-

  3. You still have those 1000 Dollar riding boots? Why is the quality so poor of them? You better should try (and buy) the custom made boots from Petrie (made in the Netherlands). Top quality leather in the high end models

  4. well, riding stuff is expensive, especially the show clothes. But just taking lessons, the cheap stuff is fine. Heck, the horse hobby itself is expensive.

  5. that’s so weird, i also have rokel gloves (a pair for schooling and a pair for showing) and i’ve used my schooling pair for about 3 years now and i ride 6 days a week 2-11 horses a day and they definitely do not look very attractive lmao but they have not torn yet and the stitching and velcro are in great condition. the leather thingy is definitely long gone but the gloves are by far my favorite

  6. Was walking around a tack shop in some ratty ass old clothing that I use to ride. Meanwhile this girl walks in who's like 14 and has her dad buy the $400 Tipperary eventer vest. BOI. Being an adult sucks sometimes.

  7. I had the same problem with my roeckl gloves. I wrote them a message asking them what I could do to make my gloves last longer since they are not that cheap. They told me that you are actually supposed to wash them like every two to three weeks. So I bought new ones and washed them every month and they last so much longer.
    Also I don't know how expensive shipping is from Germany to Australia but you should check out German branches, they are so much cheaper 😀
    The brand Spooks for example has really nice breeches and they do High Waisted ones which are super comfy 😀

  8. My outfit is like idk 250?😂 my boots i bought for sale 60 euro and normally iT was like 200 but ok so 60 boots + Riding jeans 60 + cap 60 + top mostly the top i wear that day or my polo that is 20 + soooo = 200 😂 and my socks 12 euro haha 212 euro

  9. IN GBP

    boots: brogini Modena boots £64
    Jodhpurs: John whittiker Ellen £15
    Body protector: Harry Hall child £82
    Base layer: Aztec diamond £40
    Helmet: Harry Hall cosmos £60
    Socks: random long socks £5
    Gloves: shires pimple gloves £5
    =£271= $500 aud

  10. Hihi, QHP is from the Netherlands….. it’s not bad, QHP is a good brand in de netherlands (not the best) Horze is also an brand what they are selling in the netherlands😂

  11. I think my boots are the most expensive part of my outfit. But I guess it is important that the boot fits perfectly. So it can be a bit more expensive. Then the boot lasts for some years.

  12. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but this had the potential to be a really great and interesting video, and overall it was pretty disappointing. You rambled a lot and didn’t really cut to the point much. It was helpful you showing the differences in the prices of the outfits. The pros and cons of how the different clothing items fit and wear/wear out was helpful info for riders, I think. Overall, you could have been more to the point and cut the rambling out. I hope to see more from this channel and I do hope your communication skills, video editing, and putting together of your important points could improve. I like your style and the idea for the video, and hope you will make more videos like this, but maybe a little more forethought into how you deliver your message in the video. Again, please don’t take this the wrong way, I am officially subscribing.

  13. I got lucky with my new tall boots because the place that I got hem from had them ordered for another person but they never came so they were on sale…so I got Sergio Grasso tall boots for $300 usd 420(Australian) they are usually around $1000 new since they are semi-custom…literally so glad that they had them when me and my mom went back to the store. The best part about them is that they fit absolutely perfect!!!!!❤️

  14. Meanwhile I buy jodhpurs/breeches for about £7 and I get all my tops/hoodies from Primark which is basically the cheapest shop in England.
    At most I’d spend £30 on an outfit lol

  15. for that price for top boots you may as well of got celeris boots similar price to mid boots, and a kep helmet, 100 tmes better looks nicer you customize them and last forever.
    Sister has 2 pair I was about to get a pair then horse got sick so didn't have the money.

  16. Mate I don't understand why every other equestrian other than us chavs in South london think they need jods a fancy top and and that other expensive crap. Plz explain


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