Not each Hollywood actor is tall, and a few aren’t too blissful about it. A couple of take their top deficits into their very own fingers and wear elevated footwear to make up the distinction. Here are 5 A-list celebrities who appear to be sporting lifts.

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  1. I was looking for gel cups to protect my heels since I'm walking all day long and I'm not sure how I ended up here. I would never get inserts but wow there is so many guys complaining about their height being 5' something. I'm 6ft tall and I feel so short, above average face and dick doesn't make me feel any better. Why? Because I know that the girl of my dreams needs to be 5'11+ 😂 😂😂 I hope I meet her one day in this life, and I don't get curved. "The one".😎❤

  2. Vin Diesel is just an insecure guy period. He's never revealed his ethnicity and has this weird hollywood "put-on" every time he does interviews which you can obviously tell is a front and not the way he really acts.

  3. I dont think anyone even knows the knee break giveaway thing to ever notice that, so I doubt anyone even knows about shoe lifts other than short guys trying to out other short guys. I heard there is some sort of surgery they do in russia where they….break your legs…and at the break…insert a metal rod in between the break and it can give you a few inches after it heals…but wow that seems drastic. actually something funny recently I guess Ben Shapiro recently got flamed because on his twitter page he said he was 5'10 and the internet came down hard on him. I guess he is way shorter.

  4. Why are there so many comments about “What’s the big deal?”, “Who cares?”. If you don’t care, why did you even bother clicking on the video?

  5. We went to see Predators in Hollywood. There were a Carolinas of people in front of the Chinese Theater…we didn't know but it was the red carpet opening for Salt…we were running late so we didn't stand around waiting but sure enough as I walked to the theater we saw Brad and Angelina on the red carpet (which was actually on the street) I was on the side walk. Brad Pitt was definitely shorter than me and Julie seemed taller than him (but she was in heels). I'm 6 feet.


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