Nova Oasis

Look #1:

Look #2:
Fat tee

Look #3:

Look #4:

Look #5:

Let’s be pals:

Nova Oasis


  1. its ok i have thosemoments as well more then i care to admit lol, i am aways making me friends laughing with what i accidentially come out with lol. Nice small vlog hun different looks, the flowers and apesare lovely & i liked the look u had very casual. I love lepard print dress

  2. The grocery store part lmao! All outfits looked great on you! More videos with casual outfits please! And more makeup videos bc your makeup always looks impeccable

  3. I loved the black turtle neck with the leopard print dress. I find sometimes that I'm always wearing the same things over again, so these quick videos really help out.❤️

  4. You look fucking disgusting in everything you wear. And you clearly know that and that's why you're insecure in every single video. But just keep posting and pretend it's not true right! Dumb ass. Lose some weight and then maybe a man might find you attractive.


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