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♡ How previous are you? 15 years previous (29/6/03)
♡ Where do you reside? I dwell in England.
♡ What occurred to you? I bought meningitis after I was 7. This video explains it finest.

Isabelle ♡


  1. You go gurl amazing outfits! btw what time were u born? I'm really into astrology and I would like to know mainly to see the astrology placements as regards of what has happened to you !

  2. You look good in a lot of star things
    You are a wonderful young woman
    You are a inspiration to the world
    I hope you have a good Christmas
    Btw you have really good fashion

  3. If the boys are smart, and face it, being a boy I know we're not all of us brainy in the least, they'll be beating down your door to take you out. The Navy Blue dress is ab fab!! The faux fur is smashing on you, contrasts your eyes perfectly. Plus the colour of the tips of the fur compliments your hair in just the right way. I know I'm an old fart, but you're what they used to call "a real looker" and I can't help myself. Stay bright Izzy, and shine your hardest your whole life. Signed: An adoring fan from afar… Have a pleasant and safe say!

  4. best dressed person I know after amputation .I have big problems with clothes. I do not know what to wear, my arms are about 10 cm now .they end over the bust .I do not know if the better way is empty sleeves or sewn on short sleeves or trimmed sleeves and protruding small arms


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