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Hi Friends! I hope you get pleasure from this video. I really like working with VENUS and I’m so pleased you all love them too. I really like getting messages from you sharing a brand new outfit you ordered and love from these movies. Don’t overlook to order utilizing my code to get 20% off your total order via Friday 3/29 MIDNIGHT EST.

Outfit 1
Purple Off the Shoulder Top (XS): http://ow.ly/T0Sr30oek8E
White Cut Off Jean Shorts (Size 4): http://ow.ly/tEnV30oek9L
Crossbody: http://ow.ly/VLNK30oekb8
Sandals: http://ow.ly/gQWi30oekco
Earrings: http://ow.ly/Foty30oekdA

Outfit 2
Striped casual Dress (XS- if between sizes go down, it has a free match): http://ow.ly/bPqb30oekf5
Mules: http://ow.ly/N1d630oekgK
Handbag: http://ow.ly/MZ6030oekic

Outfit 3
Body Con Sweater Dress (Small- if between measurement, go up. It has a physique con, match so very becoming to your physique): http://ow.ly/fSt830oekjs

Outfit 4
Ruffle Detail Mesh Top (Size 4): http://ow.ly/ToVz30oekl8
Belted Stripe Shorts (Size Small): http://ow.ly/KIuD30oeknO
Cami: http://ow.ly/ithr30oekpC

Outfit 5
French Terry Jumpsuit (Small- runs just a little massive): http://ow.ly/Ocvh30oekr7
Steve Madden Maxine Shoes (Go down a measurement, my regular measurement of seven was too massive and 6.5 was a greater match): http://ow.ly/V7tE30oeksp

FTC: This video is Sponsored by Venus. All outfit alternatives had been left to me, and my private fashion.


  1. I am so bummed…. I used to love your videos so much, bit I noticed a change and haven’t watched for months, I clicked on this today and ugh….. sponsored with a promo code…. I feel the channel has gone the way of so many others and it makes me sad… I wish you all the best and much success, but this channel is no longer for me… 😢

  2. Hey Lisa 🙂 Lovely outfits. The white dress is fab on you. Ive got something like it and its pretty on also 🙂 I'm 5ft and also have problems with jeans etc being to long lol. oxox

  3. Just ordered the jumpsuit! You are seriously so so pretty Lisa! I never shop at Venus and don’t know why! 😂☺️🤣 Thank you for showing some great styles! 😍❤️😘

  4. Nice to know you stand behind Venus and their quality. Sometimes you just don’t want to take a chance. Beautiful styles! Well done Lisa!

  5. Lisa, the first outfit is so pretty on you! The lilac color is awesome! Your legs are beautiful! The white dress is stunning! Love you Lisa! Thank you for the code!! 😘

  6. Loved All your outfits Lisa, I have shorts similar to those black and white striped ones but in a mustard colour and in a fawn coloured stripe for my trip to Hawaii, Love how you paired them with heals to make them a little more dressy, Love those booty shoes also, I’ll have to look at the site and see if they deliver to Australia 🇦🇺…..Much Love Janelle 💖💖💖💖💖

  7. Hi Lisa! Thank you for introducing me to Venus!!! I’ve been on their site looking and deciding what to order from all of the cute options!! I’m going to the beach soon with two of my cousins I grew up with. We all lived in Mobile, AL at the time and we’re having a sort of fun girls “reunion” at Orange Beach – where our mothers took us most weekends growing up. We’re 60, 59, and 57 now but are in great shape so we’re bringing bikini’s (and lots of wine!!). Thank you sweet girl! Karen from Alabama

  8. I absolutely adore your channel for your makeup tutorials. You're so talented, and you have such a wonderful way of teaching people how to use makeup to create classically beautiful and timeless makeup looks. I watched this video because I haven't worn modern clothing styles now since I was around 20 (I am 43 now). For the past several years, I have worn 1930's to 1950's vintage and vintage reproduction, and prior to that, I wore an eclectic mix of Elizabethan and Edwardian-inspired clothing. I adore studying and recreating historical women's clothing and makeup looks–I never grew out of my love for playing dress-ups. 😉 I watched this tutorial because I have no clue what the current clothing fashions are (I practically live under a rock). 😂 It's fascinating to see how fashion is recycled, with a few twists here and there. That jumpsuit (minus the elastic at the ankles) is so classically 1970's disco–so fun. I am also fascinated by those tassel earrings. I always thought that tassels were for curtains and soft furnishings, but apparently not. 🤣 You look beautiful in all of the outfits.


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