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  1. Oh my gosh, literally have watched for 2 minutes and already subscribed. Your energy is contagious, I love it! And it's great how you gave so many examples of for adding something you don't need. I've never liked monochrome outfits, but I may just try it now.

  2. I always throw something on in a hurry and people tell me how stylish I am. Happens every time. Then some days when I plan an outfit beforehand it’s bleh. So that’s my styling tip, hurried fashion.
    Love that necklace. So dainty and versatile yet statement. Just beautiful. Great collab!

  3. “Wear a completely unnecessary item like blazers or jackets!” Haha I’d love to…one problem..the temperature’s around 30*C all year round😭😭

  4. Basic but good tips. The one problem I have with the video is most people cannot afford a closet like that or a million different pairs of shoes or purses. I have one brown leather purse one cream leather purse one black leather purse and one metallic purse. Maybe if you could incorporate some tips that include us less than rich subscribers you'd find that you gained a lot more subscribers. Also some tips on how to incorporate layering or something that simulates it for very hot climates that would be incredibly helpful. I love texture in my outfits and layering but it's just too hot where I live to do the actual layering. I try with scarves or maybe a small crop top over another blouse. Anything would be helpful thank you.

  5. Stopped the tape early – as soon as you pulled out the dreaded over done dead jeans!! ENOUGH of jeans everywhere on everyone – total bore and just SICK of this. Come on people get off the jean bandwagon and wear something that takes just a bit of thought. Boycott the jean brigade and lets all be individuals with style!

  6. Can you give some ideas for ‘third layers’ for the dessert ladies? When it’s 105+ (every single day for 3-4 months) the third layer can be problematic.

  7. Great video and great tips! But oof that Chanel handbag… lol I live in suburban Texas and I don’t know anyone who could afford that… $3,000 is how much my truck was 🙈

  8. 1. Overdone. In every way
    2. Trying to hard
    3. Not everyone has 3000 sf of wardrobe
    4. If you do (have 3000 sq ft of wardrobe that is… ) you should know how to match them by now
    …and if you don't, you can definitely afford to hire a personal professional stylist)
    5. Lovely necklace, but seriously, try not to sound like you're selling stuff
    6. Why am I here anyway? ( it's the fault of YouTube, I came from a much classier channel…I won't name it)


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