5 Ways To INSTANTLY Improve Any outfit! *sport changer* For hyperlinks to the whole lot proven on this video, together with the brand new SHEA NECKLACE – click on SHOW MORE!

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  1. Shea I really love so many of your other videos but I this isn’t really 5 different ways to improve any outfit, this is 5 different outfits to wear with the Shea necklace.

  2. The right necklace/accessory change can make all the difference from "blah" to "babe!" 🙂 Congratulations on your new inspo piece, and thanks for sharing this video with us! Loved the editing – running the film backward was a great idea! 🙂 Shannon A.

  3. Love love lovvveeeee your channel so helpful and inspiring ❤️❤️ I hope your channel grows so much more, everyone needs this kind of content in their life I'm obsessed

  4. I love the layered necklace look… and try it often. Any tips for keeping them from rolling into a big tangled mess? Idk how mine always end up this way within minutes. Its so frustrating.

  5. Shea you have lost a subscriber over this video. Completely fake title, there was not one single tip to improve your outfit whatsoever. It was ten minutes of shameless plugs for your necklace and Miranda fry jewellery yet again. Your videos used to be entertaining and informative but now its just biased crap to earn sponsorship money. Literally every video, so even if there are tips about what the title suggests, they are biased and narrow because it’s all one designer. I’m not wasting my time any longer. What a disappointment

  6. Wait…what were the 5 things to improve any outfit? Just seemed like different outfits to wear the Shea necklace with. Don’t get me wrong… I love Shea and have been watching her for at least 2 years now but I’ve found a few issues with her videos lately.

  7. Like many of your videos but really this one is too much of a sales pitch. Misleading title, very disappointing… try to sell stuff a bit more subtle 😉

  8. For me it's also jewelry. I'm not really a jewelry person but I have noticed that I do look more put together when wearing a necklace or earrings. Makes the outfit more complete.

  9. Enjoy seeing your videos, you provide so many great outfit ideas to recreate. I for one can’t afford the high end fashion but I can certainly afford to pick up the beautiful Shea necklace. Also picked up a few extra as Christmas gifts for my daughters 💕

  10. I am in love with that suit on you!! Cute cute cute! Also thanks for adding the cozy gym outfit idea. I’m chronically ill so I spend a lot of time in lounge wear and still want to look cute but no one does videos with super casual outfits.

  11. I’m so excited, Shea! I just ordered both necklaces through this video. One of them has already shipped. I’ll be watching for more. I’m a 64 yr old, plus sized girl, but this jewelry is ageless. I’m going to get a set for my daughter’s birthday next month too. We’re both Kendra Scott fans, I just know she’ll like this.


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