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Now that it is wedding ceremony season, I’ve been getting tons of requests for this video… listed below are 5 wedding ceremony visitor outfit concepts!


FTC: This video is NOT sponsored

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  1. Jillian, I have a light blue, spring syle skirt with scalloped fringe, Is it still ok to wear a white camisole to brighten up the look? Its an outdoor ceremony, no reception. I'm in the family, but not the bridal party. Is some white ok??? Halp!

  2. HI Jillian, loved this video, personally like # 1 and have a wedding this summer and am going to hunt it down! I'd love to see more clothing videos and like the idea of wedding hair and makeup, thanks so much !

  3. I love the sage tank with the trousers and the slip dress with the blazer! But, not with those white shoes, I feel like that outfit would be great with strappy sandal heels. All nice! 😀

  4. I love all of these, esp the last 4. The navy pants and green tank look is so unexpected and cool. My favorite thing about your posts/videos is when you mix in previous pieces you've styled (like the Mira mules). Honestly makes me more inclined to buy things you recommend because I know you'll show their versatility!

  5. It’s hard to chose a favorite. I really liked all of them, but the suit is so chic. I’d love to see more wedding guest focused videos. I’m going to Costa Rica for a beach wedding in July and I have no idea what to wear.


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