In this video I discuss 6 completely different jean trends for 2019.

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1. Flares/Wide Leg/Bell Bottoms
2. Baggy High Rise Rigid Denim – 90’s
3. Cropped Straight Leg
4. Hem Details
5. Embroidery
6. High Rise

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  1. Thank you Soo much for this informative video. As a new Poshmark seller, I must admit, it will be very helpful for my sourcing. And I have to admit that your videos are the ones that gave me hope to do something from home and got me into this reselling business. Just can never thank you enough for that…Love and hugs all the way…🥰😘🤗

  2. I like you video and appreciate you opinions… Hope to inspire you to create a style instead of follow a style- you are an on line posh seller so you can re-invent . When it comes to denim- my opinion is how you wear the jean regardless of hem, waist, or leg width- Trends are meant to be set, not followed- My favorite denim wearing person who sets her own style is Joanna Gaines- Just wear denim at your best with your own style and don't always follow trends- leave that for fast fashion.

  3. OMG Flares … finally 🙂 I'm in my early 30's but I was always obsessed with it and owned a lot but since everything changed it was hard to find it ,because everybody was all about skinny jeans :/ Thank you for your super video 🙂 You made my evening 🙂

  4. I remember when bell bottoms went out 😔. So glad they are back! And this is super nice of I to share this info for people who are looking to getting into rescaling. It’s the wave of the future imo. Again thanks! ✌🏿

  5. so much of this makes me happy for my personal wardrobe. i need a higher rise jean and i need looser legs. i have not embraced the destroyed fashion yet. i will never understand why people will pay so much money for something that looks like an orphan or homeless child would be embarrassed to wear it.

  6. I just love this video! I'm so excited about different styles are coming back in style. I love a good straight leg crop, a boot cut and a wide leg. My questions is will this "new" crop of jeans all be high waist? Will some be mid or low rise? What style tops do you think will be worn with the different style jeans? I appreciate any feed back. I'm trying to stay a step ahead of the trends so I rely on your expertise and your videos! Thanks again, Cynthia

  7. So glad that the muffin top look is going away! Love the trends. I grew up with them. My Levis jeans were patched and repatched. Too bad I didn't keep them. They'd probably sell right away!

  8. I keep hearing that low-rise flares are going to make a huge come back at the end of this year if not by 2020. I'm hoping it does I managed a lot of clothing stores during the early 2000s at the height of this trend but it seems like a lot of people are shunning the return of this I don't know why

  9. About 70's and embroidered denim; jeans were embroidered at home, most of the time hems were embellished or occasionally the side seam opened up and a trim added. As Cathy said, I still have a pair of Levi 501's that I cut for shorts and added pieces of suede and patches to hold together. Yep, homemade and more cool! Keep in mind that the last half of the 90's everyone was wearing khakis, yes it was horrible and boring. So happy when the boho craze of the early 00's came around; finally waists dropped again and we had color. Not everyone is flattered by high-waist pants/jeans, those are best for a curvy figure. And who likes that big tummy bulge when you sit?

  10. Thank you for this video – you have been a BIG blessing today! Got my first pair of bell bottoms in 1965, when I was 17 and I thought I was really hot wearing them! (from Grandma Bunny in Phoenix)

  11. This is great info! I was actually wondering if people were starting to buy flares again. I think specifically people should be careful with the low rise flares since those were really popular in the late 90s/early 2000s and I find tons of them at the thrift store. I personally feel like low rise jeans aren't very flattering, especially if you have curves because it creates an unwanted muffin top, lol!

  12. Whoot! excited wider legs are back in. Have some gathering dust in the closet and more flattering to my figure type. Love your channel and inspired by your business sense.

  13. Great video! Thank you for covering jeans terms. So you would classify 10.5 as high waisted. What measurements would you say low to mid is? Been wondering this for sometime now and everyone's idea of it seems to be all over the map. Thanks so much

  14. Thank you for all you Poshmark tips. I have started reselling myself! I ran across a Vintage Rue Blanche dress today and was wondering if you knew anything about the brand. The current line is pretty expensive but I don’t know about an older pieces value.


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