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WEEK OF FITZ is a weekly youtube collection by me, ari fitz, the place each sunday night time i dress to indicate you all what i am carrying. look ahead to androgynous, tomboy, tomboyish, unisex and non-binary vogue inspiration. hope you take pleasure in!

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  1. You're soooo cute, & the tittie meat out in 2019 is amazing!! ♥️🎉😍 I've prob said this before, but saying it again. I absolutely positively love your style & the way you have inspired me to put more thought into what I wear. I have cute cloths that I love but planing outfits makes so much sense & especially for a week at a time. That qwould take some stress off of me to have it ready to go and not have to think about it. I am curious if you ever have weeks where you're just not feeling it when you put it on and come up with something new on the fly, or if you try to stick with your original planned masterpieces?

  2. I fucked with outfit 4, where did you get that jacket?? And honestly I liked the gold accent and grey combination in outfit 5. I think combining the two is perfect for new years. Love this video!

  3. Ok so I really love the suit cause the color is great on you BUT since you wanna show them titties 😂 I like the last one with the black shirt and black and white pants. I also like the sequin pants outfit but it has no titties top😏

  4. I feel like the last outfit WOULD work super well WITHOUT the hat,, it kinda overpowers everything else. Honestly reminds me of smth I would wear myself. All my friends are going out new years and I can't so I'm a little down about it but this video mostly cheered me up again sooo. Can't wait to see what wild and awesome shit you wear next year

  5. The last outfit and the blue suit one were my favorite!! The jacket and pants of the last outfit are so cool together! And I just always love a good suit. I do love those sequined pants and that t-shirt, but I
    /personally/ wouldn't wear the jacket with it, but I'm just not used to "loud" outfits I guess lol

    I'm excited for 2019, cause I wanna get some sick clothes finally! These videos help a lot for inspiration!! So thanks so much for creating this channel!! I look forward to every upload 🙂


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