So many guys fail this check, regardless that it is such a easy factor that we’ve inside our management. On your journey to changing into a greater man — that is one factor that you just need to attempt to get proper.


  1. Wtf is this sh!t?
    Not what I'd consider wisdom.
    Just Study the stoics man. Much more articulately put, than this dribble, that falls well short of profound clarity.

  2. I can so relate to this. I recently started my youtube channel and this would be the first time that I finally display my singing abilities to the public. I was really excited and like you said I had all ideas of all the perfect things that would happen, I was hoping to atleast get 100 views in the first day of posting it . Then unfortunately Entropy took over and people were less impressed then I expected and this really demotivated me as things didn't go as I planned. I eventually just got 30 views in the first day and I felt like a loser. But now after watching your video I understand that things won't always go to plan but its how we take it and what we make of it that counts. So I won't give up, and I will continue trying my absolute best to grow my channel

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  4. So basically this dude is saying there is no time in your life that u can enjoy because of entropy rule so stop trying to make life better for yourself because entropy rule will never let anything go in the way u want
    nice discovery

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