Today, Asia is “lacking” round 170 million women: 70 million in India, 50 million in China, 20 million in Vietnam, 10 million in Korea. The end result of inhabitants management insurance policies imposed by the West. The struggle for women as tradable commodities takes on a brand new dimension. With the rising surplus of males, crime charges are rising and threatening the interior stability of these nations. Scientists anticipate different areas like Africa and the Arab world to observe go well with as intercourse dedication know-how turns into ubiquitous and reasonably priced. We are dealing with a humanitarian disaster which some scientists imagine could threaten world peace. Zoning in on private tales from South Korea, China, and India, the movie explores the regional and world penalties of this gender imbalance in Asia. With beforehand unseen archive materials and eyewitness experiences, the movie additionally seems to be again on the years after the Second World War and examines the doubtful function of worldwide organisations and their affect on worldwide household planning. A revelatory documentary that weaves collectively components of politics, economics and medication, displaying women – each then and now – because the plaything of political and prison curiosity teams.

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  1. I once saw a documentary that said the 3 most deadly words in the worls is: " It's a girl."
    The documentary said: Today, India and China eliminate more girls than are born in the United States each year.

  2. American men are stealing your woman 👩, when your not watching American men sneak into your country and take your woman 👩 and lock them away in big houses 🏘 in America. They make them have children 👶 and then send them to school 🏫 . These evil Americans put big rings on their finger and call them wife, they are evil men. You must stop 🛑 these evil American men at all cost.

  3. I am happy the narrator said the one child policy was imposed by the West. These voices i know them far back as 2010 they know what i mean. People that goes around making history, a secret of one's town, some time miss. Tt happened once in Morocco that wouldn't be the end. Go ahead

  4. Last week the temperatures in Northern India reached about 120 degrees. The water tables throughout the country are falling which mean that there is less water for agriculture. India cannot support a larger population. The same is true for Africa and the Middle East. Unsustainable population growth is a guarantee of conflict and war.

  5. Wow, this sounds familiar. Pushing Family Planning in name of the common good. Women self-destructing in the name of progression. ‘Poor, uneducated women were the main targets…’ 🤔

  6. Men always wants to eliminate all others and try to be dominate . Be it animals or even women. All that hate and dominance. Maybe now they will succeed with women but also be eradicated themselves in the process.

  7. It's not bcaus an experiment in the U.S.! It bcause the Chinese, themselves, don't want girls THey don't want to raise girls, that will not carry on the family name. It's their culture. For decades, hundreds of years, the Chinese have exposed their newborn females, throuwn them in the garbage or just strangled them. Now they must reap what they planted.

  8. This video is blocked in India. It says, the American government forced India by withholding food deliveries during a draught to adopt birth control implants and sterilization surgery. United States advisor Kissinger demanded population control in developing countries demanding legalisation of abortion. Now 200 Million ladies are missing leading to girl abduction for forced marriage.

  9. Historically East Asia isn't very fond of girls and in India, girls arr money leaving the family through dowry. Somehow this isn't a problem in nearby, less developed Southeast Asia.

  10. Is it possible that both India's and Chinas draconian treatment of females could be partially responsible for the infanticide of millions of girls? I hesitate to believe that the west was concerned with limiting the birth of girls but rather supported the idea of reducing births of babies to poor people as a way to reduce poverty. These cultures have never valued women.

  11. so they kidnap little girls, raise them as sisters to their sons and then force the non-biological siblings to get married? so they raise the little girl with the taught obligation of honoring her husband? meaning, does she have to obey and cater to the boy while they are growing up?


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