Black women in at the moment’s society will prostitute themselves to pay they payments and monetary acquire


  1. 99% of all women who claim independent woman…work for men!

    99% of women who claim men ain't shit…get commanded by men at work and then say yes massa!

  2. When it comes to fax you should never have to explain where you came from or your back ground as long as you speak in on the truth and the people will listen that’s matters

  3. U guys are stupid. What are u doing to help the sistars that just need help and not someone to fuck? U punk ass niggas are bashing your own women because of u have a fragile ego. Fuck u niggas and fuck everyone who listens to this…. smh pathetic

  4. These chicks and tricks!! R delusional! I was at a bar last night on the patio. And jamaican kat. Asked this chick she is half ww and half Spanish what will take for you and me to get together? She replied 1000$ dollars!!! I just turned and walked away!!! I was like wow!!!! Gvb..

  5. and white women are not. they created prostituting in America. why you make shit seem like it's just black women. you sit over here with the guy I hate nonblack women. you'll ain't met every black woman in the world. they are corrupted by the white man system. you just want a nonblack woman. just say that. that's all your videos boil down too. you bash your women because you want other races. that's why you just bring out their negatives and not congratulate their positives. you got black women in Ethiopia around the world .

  6. Red suprem many west coast and east coast blacks are not aware that the original black panther party was founded in alabama so much for being country tell that fool to start reading some books.

  7. Yes sir! Don't date them don't help them. Let them be with their white daddy the government. Trump is cutting these whores off. Maybe in the next generation they will learn and get in line with progress. I go out of the country. Get your passport and travel. You will live a safer life. Trust me.


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