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Hi Everybody!

On my Barber channel ‘theoknoopkapper’ you’ll be able to see all totally different haircut’s (and make-overs) from stunning individuals. Im from the Netherlands (Dutch) and make English movies in High definition (HD).

I love working with individuals and their hair however what I love essentially the most is sharing the issues I know to make extra hairdressers artistic. In my video’s I typically use a scissor, razor, clipper, tondeuse and lots of merchandise of Goldwell and L’Anza. I hope you like it and please subscribe to me!

Thanks for watching!
With hairdressers love,
Theo Knoop


  1. This is the second video I've watched of yours that you discuss my President. Your dislike for President Trump is obvious, I'm not interested in your political agenda on a simple hair channel. There is no need for me to watch this channel any longer. Take care Theo.

  2. Theo, I'm sorry you feel the United States has a problem because of our President, but know we are not all in agreement with what he does and says. There are millions of people who despise him, some of us wishing we had the money to move to another country just to get away from him. One thing I must disagree with you about is when you said something about without China there wouldn't be a world. In my opinion that's not true. America alone sends billions of dollars to them to purchase their goods even though their goods are not well-made and never last long enough. I'd rather buy from any other country but it seems that whatever I'm looking for it always says "Made In China". Hopefully someday America will rise to the way it was not so many decades ago and we can be self-sufficient again.

  3. Beautiful cut and colour for the lovely Lyra , your Christmas display is magical Theo , love the polar Bear 🐻🤣💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. The "hair do" turned out lovely and just the right amount of red high lights! Also loved the dancing lights all over the salon and on the back drop while you were working on Lyra's hair. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Theo and your family! XOXOXOX

  5. Great cut. Oh to have her nice dark hair! Gorgeous salon lights. (I put a light in my front window all year long). You gave this young lady good life advice – before you worry about all the blah-blah and spending money to accumulate things, go see and do things out in the world. Life is so short. And you can work so hard for years and lose your material things in a second through no fault of your own. It's good to have few to no debts and to live simply. Happy New Year to us all.

  6. Climate change is a therory. Why is it people like Al Gore travel in jets and SUV'S, also when they have climate change simposiums they all fly in jets to get to their meetings, funny they don't even believe their own narrative. You do great hair work I do enjoy watching you.
    Your model is pretty.


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