hey my buddies it is nina and welcome to a back to school try-on haul 🙂

that is a haul of things from yesstyle that i’ve collected from july and august! it is nonetheless VERY scorching the place i’m and that i will not get sweater climate till late november,, however i hope this haul supplies some trend inspo anyway for y’all to look cute going back to school :”)

every part that i discussed on this video is linked under and that i additionally included some gadgets that had been featured within the video however i did not discuss. i obtained y’all don’t be concerned 🙂

for these of y’all back in school or going back, i want you a good yr!! i will be right here to your sundays and occasional wednesdays 😉

thanks for watching and i’ll see you subsequent time!!


what i wore within the video:

brown quick sleeve button up shirt: https://bit.ly/2NEazek


what i discussed:

1:42 – corduroy shirt: https://bit.ly/2khSfcT

2:23 – blue/orange plaid flannel shirt: https://bit.ly/2kivZzD

2:38 – grey plaid flannel shirt: https://bit.ly/2kiwAkR

2:46 – navy blue floral costume: https://bit.ly/2U5YZIr

3:05 – cardigan (khaki): https://bit.ly/2Xyt8VF

3:12 – quick sleeve shirt (white, almond): https://bit.ly/2Lbzcu7

3:38 – extensive leg denims (dimension L): https://bit.ly/2lPE3bG

4:24 – denim skirt (blue, black; dimension L): https://bit.ly/2mhSMfI

4:49 – plaid skirt (black, yellow): https://bit.ly/2kKDUpF

5:10 – plaid skirt (grey, almond): https://bit.ly/2lQbbjs


different issues i wore:

3:05 – cardigan (khaki): https://bit.ly/2Xyt8VF

4:24 – belt (95 cm): https://bit.ly/2kdWPJ8

5:10 – tote bag: https://bit.ly/2HqABfn

5:11 – black turtleneck: https://bit.ly/30j4Snu

5:34 – newsboy cap (black): https://bit.ly/2YU4J98



YesStyle: https://bit.ly/2YGwpyj
use ‘NINA10’ for 10% off your buy above $49 🙂


twitter: ninaeyu
instagram: ninaeyu
tumblr: neenzus
spotify: neenzus


this video shouldn’t be sponsored, however some hyperlinks are affiliate hyperlinks! all of the merchandise i used nevertheless had been bought by me 🙂


  1. You can use code NINA10 (10%off) and T5EX9P (for an extra 5% off in the first purchase ❤ and 2% off in every other purchase)! So together will be 15% off~

  2. wow i'm so glad i found this- i love how yesstyle stuff looks but asian girls are normally a lot smaller than i am and a lot of yesstyle clothing is one size… you're the exact same height as me and we have similar sizes, and a similar style, so this is the perfect video

  3. I have a 23 inch / 60 cm waist , 35 inch / 90 cm hips and 35 inch / 89 cm bust so I never have an easy time finding clothes . And right now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been , at 50 kg .When I’m 145 kg I’m a 22 inch waist . Also , I’m 160 cm tall.

  4. you're like, my tall girl dream so seeing you in my fav types of skirts to wear is making me mildly freak out but !!!! love u 😔✊


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