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  1. Oh man SO in love with that grey cardigan!! But geez…$74 CDN!!!! I'm hoping that goes on sale soon. Gonna grab that black button sweater though. So cute and that is currently on sale.

  2. Shorts and long cardigan where my faves. It will be a while for my shorts to see day light, it is -18 and we just had a huge snowstorm here in Wisconsin ❄️

  3. holy sheez…. i'm gonna go broke watching your hauls…. love all except the first two tops with the stretchy on it…. not my style but love, love, love everything else on you. Great haul again…. tfs… love your videos!

  4. I bought a pair of Dr. Scholls slip-on leather sneaks from another retailer last year. I have worn them to death. They are comfortable and still look new. Not affiliated with anyone. I think the brand is really great and affordable. 💜

  5. I love your videos and I’ve ordered a lot of the clothes in your videos. Please..please…please do an Amazon haul video for things to wear to work/office.

  6. I'm taking a 5 day trip from New England to northern California, I'm trying to only bring a carry on, and I would love to see a video on idea to pack.

  7. When you said those adorable white sneaks were Dr Scholl's, I literally heard the record scratch noise. 😳😖🤯 WHAT THE WHAT?! They are so so RAD! 😍😍😍

  8. I just love your videos. Bought a few things from your videos. I shouldn’t ask this but we are the same height ((5’8”)), can I ask how much you weigh. My apologies if that’s not ok to ask.

  9. Yes!! Thanks for doing the Abercrombie haul!!! The mom outfit with the flannel and the shorts was my personal fave! Who knew Dr Scholls made such cute shoes too?!🤯 Great Haul:)

  10. I got cold just looking at the shorts 😂 I live in Indiana it’s 20 degrees right now! I can’t wait to wear shorts! Btw I love all the outfits so cute and something I would actually wear.I really love the black and green top I think they would look good in jeans and boho long skirts

  11. Loved the Sherpa shirt on you, I said to myself that looks good on her. I'm with u on the shorts situation Loved the stripped shirt and distressed shorts too going to order those for sure. It's so nice to have u style and try on all these clothes for us all. Oh and the backpack was just right for me going to all my grandkids sports games. Yea

  12. I ordered the beautiful grey cardigan you have from Abercrombie the other day. It was on sale for like $23! Yessss!!!! Got it in black and grey. For that price I had to have both.


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