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톰 홀랜드 “스파이더맨, 다정한 이웃에서 전 세계 구하는 영웅으로”

With the film ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ set to premiere in South Korea at midnight,… predominant solid members Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal… held a press convention in Seoul earlier at the moment.
Our Kan Hyeong-woo tells us what Spider-Man and Mysterio needed to say concerning the film.
“But you know, this film is about Peter Parker and Spider-Man realizing that he needs to step up and fill this void that was left by Iron Man and become an Avenger, and he’s no longer the friendly neighborhood’s Spider-Man. He’s the friendly world-saving Spider-man. So it’s just a film about a young kid growing up and figuring out where he belongs in the world.”
Taking on the position of a Marvel superhero for the primary time, Gyllenhaal had one factor specifically to say.
“I never really knew how much I would enjoy wearing spandex.”
Gyllenhaal stated the chance of enjoying the position of Mysterio… got here alongside as he was seeking to let his imaginations run wild and have enjoyable.
“I think he(Mysterio) is pretty extraordinarily intelligent. He has super powers, but I think his best superpower is his intelligence and his ability to strategize and to see a number of steps ahead of everyone playing the same game.”
When requested about what it was prefer to work alongside Gyllenhaal,… Holland stated the 2 hit it off from day one… and constructed on their chemistry because the tapes had been rolling.
“It was awful. No, it was great. It was a lot of fun. Like I said before, I was, you know, a huge fan of Jake’s growing up. And I really enjoyed his films, so I was really excited to get a change to work with him. And then what was even better was when we became such good friends.”
While selling the film itself,… the 2 actors didn’t overlook to point out their appreciation to the Korean followers.
You guys had been so type to us when ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ got here out, my first Spider-Man movie. Everyone right here in Korea was so supportive. So thanks. . And I hope you take pleasure in ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home'”.
“You are such a lovely country and it’s been such a lovely time here. And I cannot wait for you all to see this movie. You may think you know what you are in for,… but get ready.”
Building on the anticipation of many followers over the most recent Marvel movie,… the most recent launch within the Spider-Man franchise premieres at midnight on July 2nd, Korea time.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News

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