fashion from Met Gala 2019 reacted to and ranked by Adults. Links beneath.
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Adults React and rank trend from Met Gala 2019. Watch to see their Reactions.

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Ezra Miller –×1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2019/05/06/117/n/1922398/daf0d099bd1d95a0_GettyImages-1147431465/i/Ezra-Miller-2019-Met-Gala.jpg

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9 CRAZIEST 2019 Met Gala outfits Ranked | Generations React


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  2. σk σn 7:39 í'm α líttlє σffєndєd fσr jαrєd lєtσ вєcαuѕє pєσplє σnlч knσw hím αѕ thє "jσkєr" frσm ѕuícídє ѕquαd whσ вαrєlч gσt α pαrt ín thє mσvíє… thíѕ hαndѕσmє mαn nαmє jαrєd lєtσ íѕ α ѕσng wrítєr, α prσducєr, αn ícσn ín híѕ σwn αrt.
    dσn't fσrgєt hє'ѕ ín 30 ѕєcσndѕ tσ mαrѕ.. líkє thαt'ѕ mч вαnd fσrєvєr αnd αlwαчѕ. í'll αlwαчѕ вє αn єchєlσn, вut thíѕ cσmmєnt wαѕ α líttlє ѕtєrєσtчpє.. вut dαmn jαrєd díd α grєαt jσв σn thє cαrpєt! ❤💕💖

  3. To be honest I never understood this shit. They look ridiculous to me its just plainly AWFUL besides wasnt King LAY from EXO attending this stupid gala why wasnt ge mentioned??

  4. this video bothers me so much. i really wish you educated these reactors a little more about what camp actually is, because i'm not sure any of them completely understood the concept. read some excerpts from susan sontag's essay, notes on camp. provide some examples of outfits that have been deemed camp. i just really wish the reactors that did this understood what they were judging. it frustrated me a lot watching them say "that's not camp" to outfits that were rated in the top five met gala outfits in vogue and many other big name magazines. i'm really not trying to be rude or over-critical, but it would be awesome if better definitions and examples were given to the reactors next time a video involves such a widely misunderstood concept.

  5. honestly the straights are put of control again. do not bring people that probably had to google camp before they watched the met gala or thought that camp meant camping outfits lol so that next time we‘ll actually have people that know what they are talking about lmaoo

  6. I would have liked to see how they averaged after everyone had voted. If you do one of these again, can we get the overall average?

  7. Y'all should have shown them clips from Gaga's performance. I don't know what that woman was thinking when she said Gaga wasn't camp, but maybe if she saw the theatrics behind the reveals, she'd see the light.

  8. Gaga is literally the defenition of camp… If she wasn't camp then nobody was she knows exactly what it means DJJDJDJDKJD

  9. The RNA girl knew nothing about the Met Gala. If you are well versed in the drag world, Camp is a common theme. Lady Gaga nailed it! Camp isn't just about over the top fashion. Everything about you is over the top. Gaga put on a performance and played every role. yasssss. There were so many people I loved.


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