As Tamra’s housewarming social gathering continues, Kelly’s tear-filled exit prompts the different girls to air their grievances. Gina confesses a painful secret to Emily. Shannon and Braunwyn cement their friendship and bond over challenges they face parenting. And whereas Kelly is in Aspen with Jolie, a brand new surprising rumor involves gentle.


  1. Gina sounds and looks like a 55 yr old man that eats cigarettes for breakfast, lunch & dinner and dessert. Emily needs to retire and go work for Willy Wonka again. Tamara is a fuckin trip "Im drinking you want anal." To Eddie and he tried to be Rico Suaveaye lol and be all smooth and shit by laughin it off lmao this season is already lit.🤔💨🔥😄👽💀😂😂🤣😭🤦❤🙃🙄

  2. It seems kelly does not like the KARMA. Granted Vickie was outta line but Kelly has acted out and pissed off so many people it's about time for hr to get hers


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