I questioned if there can be some nice revelation if I turned as much as Francis with all 10 rock carvings.

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  1. Ik it doesn’t let u actually hit him just throw it near him and try to set him on fire or throw dynamite near him to blow him sky high and tell me if it works

  2. On my first go I was only able to collect 9, I spent hours trying to get the last one to trigger but it wouldn't until I went to see him, after that I was able to get it, o was really hopeing we'd be able to see him time travel aha.

  3. Wait what was that book Arthur pulled out of his satchel LOL it’s way too big to be his journal and doesn’t even look like it? 😅

  4. You may remember me but i said about the guard you bump into in that mission when captain monroe escapes with you. Did you ever look into it to see whether u was right or not? (How the guard looked similar to Francis sinclair)


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