With their marriage on the rocks, Jack (David Arquette) and Amanda (Amy Acker) go “glamping” to reignite their spark. With the arrival of honeymooners and a hunky landowner, Jack should dive into an exploration of affection, failure… and donkeys.


  1. If we have No Torah righteousness…you end up here like these people, ridiculous and disgusting. This is the dumbest movie, I can’t even keep watching it. Yuck.

  2. She is not worth it she should have taken the step forward and supported him you know for better or for worse she decided to even take a step towards dudes tent she cast her lot she drew her straw she knows not what love is her love is conditional and tainted better ending would be her surprising him picking him up and Rescuing him because behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.

  3. I feel like there is no chemistry between the stars and diff acting styles- it happens sonetimes, David seems uncomfortable or not sober. Apologies if not true and especially if its mental health issues like anxiety etc

  4. Nothing like the "roar" of an el Camino with a Granny at the wheel!! LOL. The ending makes the long, slow slog through the morose beginning worthwhile. One last thing, I think I like the music even more than the movie. Worth watching…thanks for sharing!


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