Amazon Scout is a fully-electric supply system from Amazon designed to soundly get packages to clients utilizing autonomous supply gadgets. Learn extra:


  1. What a piece of crap, can it carry really large boxes? can it carry heavy boxes ? my neighborhood has no sidewalks, so now what. Leave the work for the humans to do and stop trying to cut out people, you greedy bastards…SMGDH 🙁

  2. I think this robot is so cute! I couldn't imagine tipping one of these over on the sidewalk! Come on, people! Be nice to the poor development team, too! Imagine how hard they worked to make this new piece of technology. I think this thing is super cute, and it will definitely make people's lives a little bit easier! Geez.

  3. Cool deal let's see it ship a rolled up mattress or a box of chewy. I work for fed ex and honestly say this will never work or atleast with the level of tech we have now.

  4. Really not intelligent…I thought people prefer their packages delivered to their door secure and safe by another human…this is inconvenient delivery.

  5. That thing is a huge waste of money… people will not only steal it's packages, but steal the whole damn $20,000 robot and sell it for $10 worth of steel and copper.

    The future of delivery is having your packages held at a convenient safe place like the UPS store. Protected from porch pirates while you're at work, and you can swing by and pick it up on your way home. Any time I have a valuable package coming from UPS or Fedex I always have it delivered to the store if I'm not going to be home on delivery day.

  6. Unbeknownst to most, this is the test version of delivering chemical and nuclear weapons to our enemies. Since everybody buys from Amazon anyway, why not?

  7. I am sad that this will replace Humans. Robots are being deployed daily in various ways all in effort to make things more efficient, but at the same time replacing humans. The fewer employed Humans there are the fewer consumers you have. If I am not employed I am not buying your products. Simple let’s not allow Robots 🤖 to take over.

  8. "This is the police, how can we help?"
    "My name is Jeff Bezos and I had eight million seven hundred thousand two hundred and forty three packages stolen today and I want you to find them."


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