Mat Boggs shares relationship recommendation for girls and the three steps you’ll be able to take to set boundaries in a flirty and female means.

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Mat Boggs Bio:

As a sought-after relationship and relationship coach for girls and worldwide speaker, Mat Boggs has helped 1000’s of girls perceive males, enhance their relationships, and entice the connection they need.

As the best-selling writer of Project Everlasting, and creator of Cracking The Man Code, Mat Boggs? relationship and relationship recommendation has been featured on nationwide media together with The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Oprah and Friends, and plenty of extra.

Mat?s Mission: To improve love on this planet, one coronary heart at a time.

As a relationship coach for girls, Mat believes that your historical past doesn’t decide your future, and that you’re extra highly effective than any circumstance you’re going through. The relationship dream in your coronary heart actually can develop into the life you like dwelling!

Mat Boggs extremely acclaimed relationship applications have served girls around the globe in all age teams from 20yrs previous to over 70yrs previous.

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Written By: Mathew Boggs

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  1. “I’m incredibly attracted to you and my body is screaming to do all sorts of things with you. My heart is not ready for that yet, I need to be able to tell you “I love you” before I can give into my insane attraction to you.”

  2. My memory of how to say the right things are not Great. I am a Very Natural Woman and I am learning myself slowly. So, there are people who are quick thinkers on how to say what they feel at that time and I haven't acquired that skill yet. So, how do I break it to that person Gently?

    Question from: Karla Winters. Peace

  3. If he touches you on a sensitive place that's disrespect, should you not ask him to apologise at some point as I think he would owe that?

  4. Mat: please do a video on men touching you. I constantly have men touching my side, back & such while talking with them in a bar. Mostly because it’s loud & we are leaning over, screaming in each other’s ear. How do I ask to stop touching me without sounding mean or a prude?

  5. I got a story! My best friend went out on a date with guy to the Pittsburgh penguins game a long time ago. At the end of the date the guy wanted to kiss my best friend. Instead of her kissing him back she gave him a high five. Hahahaha! My friend told me what happened and I just laughed because it was funny. A girl giving a high five on the first date. Who does that to a man. So the guy went out with her again for the second time and ect….
    Then they fell in love and got married. Awww so sweet happily ever after 💑.

  6. _φ(・_・ ← taking notes

    Wish I know this when I was single 〜😫

    I handled this situation quite poorly..😰
    Either I didn't say no when I'm not ready and
    gave in , or say I don't want to do it without telling the guy I like him, or simply cry feeling
    humiliated..😅 All I did was killing the connection didn't i. lol

    Saying no to the guy you like is so hard!
    Saying no and don't hurt their feelings are
    even harder! Saying no and keep the connection is like the hardest thing in the world and I feel like I can never succeed in
    that. So I always settle and sacrifice my needs and desire.😅

    Please teach me more about this I need to
    understand more about it! 🤓🙏✨✨

    This is so helpful and empowering!🌸🌈✨

    Thank you so much Mat!! 😄✨✨

  7. Mat, how do you set boundaries if you want to stay cool with the guy and have a nice encounter, but you don't know yet if you like him at all sexually, or maybe if you know you don't see him that way? I had situations where a guy would take my hand, like a first move toward romantic expression, and I would feel very confused how to not leave my hand in his (which would seem as a sign I'm interested), but also not to appear too rude and strict with the removal of my hand.

  8. I was on the phone for the first time with a guy who was trying to start phone sex with me within the first 10 min of conversation. I was like, what, no foreplay? Lol… anyway, I explained that I didn't feel comfortable with sexual conversation with someone I'm not in a relationship with. He said to forget it (our actual date), he needed someone who wasn't so uptight. Smh

    Thanks so much for this phrase Matt, it's a lifesaver! <3

  9. Thanks for the advice! What do you do if over the past 4 years you saw a guy roughly 2-4 times a month and you were intimate each time, then a year passes because you moved away. When you returned he wanted to see you but you wanted to take things slow and not jump back into the old routine?

  10. For me, It’s ok to kiss 😘 on a first date if both feelings are mutual. I don’t like to deny myself from kissing, if both felt there is chemistry. It’s just a kiss, nothing wrong with that. He can have my soft yummy lips on the first date. It gives him a taste of the icing on my cupcake. But he can never have my cupcake on the first date. That is the trick! It’s a tease hahahaaa…He can only have my cupcake when we are in a committed relationship. But while there’s no commitments then No way that I will let him taste my cupcake. he can just drool and taste the icing but no tasting the main coarse. Yeah, I’m a badass gf and wifey material waiting for one lucky guy to capture my heart so he can have my delectable cupcake anytime he wants. Lol 😂

    THIS COMMENT IS RATED PG! Readers discretion is advised. ⭕️🙈

  11. Hi Matt!! my situation now too different. Seem he super comfy after we take a trip together. We didn't live in the same place and just hang out 2 times during his vacation. then he make decision to back to see me and do trip together. after then conversation seem less of passion as we dating before. Is mean he put me to the friend zone?? How to pursue our passion again???

  12. Insightful 👍🏾 There is power in "AND" & "YET". Will definitely use these words if the situation calls for it. Thank you🙏🏾

  13. Love this!! Super beneficial and will be using these. Your presentation is great. Could you do a video on your opinion of right person, wrong time? Currently trying to build my YouTube channel as well. Feel free to check it out!


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