When a pregnant college scholar in 1968 makes an attempt to take her personal life, her mates Rose and Janice discover a health care provider prepared to carry out an unlawful abortion to avoid wasting her. Sparked by this expertise, they type the Jane Collective: a secret group to assist ladies get hold of secure abortions in a time once they had been punishable by a jail sentence. Operating like a spy community, full with blindfolds and code names, the Janes assist 1000’s of ladies – however they cannot conceal from the police eternally.


  1. Having lived through that era and undergoing a legal abortion, I guarantee everything that happens in this movie is the truth. Many of our stories were worse. Unwanted pregnancies happened to married women with children. To college students. They happened to 12-yr-olds! The male partners were boyfriends, husbands, rapists… and sometimes their own fathers, uncles and brothers. Pregnant women were shamed, ostracized, berated and abused — both verbally and physically — for getting pregnant outside of marriage. For getting pregnant when their husbands were unemployed. When they had other children. Other obligations. A demanding job. No job. When they were seduced. Raped.

    And rarely was one word was said about the men who contributed to the pregnancies. Often, they disappeared when the woman told them, or outright denied responsibility. DNA paternity tests had yet to be invented, and the women carried the burden alone. We thought we were safe after Roe v. Wade, but we should have known a valuable political tool like a woman's right to choose wouldn't be ignored for long.

    This movie is the history of women in 20th century America. We must not be ignored and forgotten again.


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