The documentary movie Back in Time is, at its coronary heart, a take a look at the very actual influence the Back to the Future films have had on our tradition. What was as soon as somewhat concept that spawned a tightly-focused documentary has grown into one thing actually superb over two years of filming. Back in Time is a cinematic monument to the vastness of the trilogy’s fandom. In addition to the footage and interviews revolving across the time machine itself, the crew discovered that just by delving into the influence of the trilogy an epic journey started to unfold earlier than them. The crew captured numerous hours of footage throughout filming. From Steven Spielberg to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, to the Sheas and Hollers, and from James Tolkan and Lea Thompson to Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, Back in Time options interview after interview that merely have to be seen.


  1. Oh wow, Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly!? And then Michael says the same thing about his studios as Judy Garland said about MGM: "They didn't care about us, they worked us 16 to 20 hours a day. They would give us sleeping pills to put us out and then wake us 4 hours later and give us pep pills to get back to work." That was her take on Wizard of Oz. She was 16 when they got her hooked on drugs. She died of an overdose at 47. I can just picture Clark Gable, Oscar Wilde, John Steinbeck and Dorothy Parker all working together to make sure Judy got home safe.
    Hollywood sucks…

  2. There was something very important that was said, “he does it better than the studio can because of his passion for it”, this should be the case for just about everything, give the job to the person with the most passion for it because only they will produce results that no one else can.

  3. Poor Michael, it hurts to see him like that, his mind is trapped in a defective body, I truly feel for people in that situation especially being that it happened to him when it did.

  4. 7:07 Dan Harmon is so full of shit. Marty Mcfly has one of the most interesting character arch’s any 80’s movie. He starts as an insecure boy who doesn’t believe in himself and unsure of his abilities-afraid he’ll end up like his father. He ends up being enlightened and gaining confidence and by the end of the movie he’s no longer a boy, no longer in his father’s shadow. He’s now a young man and he’s his own man.

  5. I can honestly say I've never met anyone whom didn't like Back to the Future. Which is the only film I can say that about. That's not to say there's some miserable, hellbound soul out there that doesn't but I've never met 'em (and God's be good I will not).

  6. My big brother and his girlfriend took me to see BTTF opening weekend, I was 12…I remember sitting there with my mouth opened the whole time…..Blown away… this day, it's still on of my favorites….all 3.

  7. The original "Jennifer" is probably kicking herself for not coming back for parts 2 & 3… Elisabeth Shue went on to have a better career than Claudia Wells

  8. 1:14:55 Think about the number of cars you'd have in the air… You'd fly in lanes so if you have a mechanical problem or crash into another car, you don't end up falling on someone's house.

  9. I was 13 when Back To The Future came out…I can still remember going to the old theater in downtown Springfield Ohio with my buddies and coming out of the theater all hopped up on caffeine and sugar knowing that we had seen the best movie of our youth! I would give anything to go back to that weekend in 1985!!! I don't know if its just because I was a kid, but things seemed to be better and people had more civility and respect for each other…it wasn't about politics, religion, etc…it was more about just being an American and part of a team

  10. When I saw this in the theater, I thought of it as one of those movies that was so bad, it's good. I never really thought people actually considered it a good movie.

  11. I had no idea that the premier was at the century 21 theater in San Jose!! For those who don’t know it’s right next door to the Winchester mystery House!!

  12. imagine being Eric Stoltz and not only is your GF in like a fetishsized part, but she's macking on Michael J Fox in a part that you got fired from…my god..the vitriol

  13. I always wish I was a kid or teen in the 80s. My mom was born in 1980 and was a kid In the 80-90s. My favorite movie is Back to the future and some of my other favorites were made in the 80s. Also, if you were born In the 80s you would only be in your 30s or just turning 40 now! Not even old.


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