Barbie Ken fashionistas Doll, Hyper Print
Barbie Ken fashionistas Doll, Slick Plaid, Brown Hair
Barbie Ken Fashionistas Doll, Boho Hip
Barbie Ken Fashionistas Doll, Game Sunday
Barbie Ken Fashionistas Doll, Preppy Florals, Black Hair

The Ken fashionistas dolls keep cool with fashionable seems and particular person type from sporty to informal to preppy. Ken doll is wearing a flexible outfit full with a pair of footwear. The shirt sports activities a stylish silhouette; the bottoms are casually cool; and the footwear end the look. Collect all of them to increase the storytelling enjoyable (every bought individually, topic to availability). consists of Ken fashionistas doll carrying fashions and footwear. Doll can not stand alone. Colors and decorations could differ.


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  1. Asian guy showed up in So California, USA, at Wal*Mart. I love the plastic bubbles. I keep them and then I have some clear box to throw stuff into (and be able to see what's in there). I keep 1-gal water jugs in the wide ones and they've saved me twice now when the jugs sprung leaks. They also work for "window glass" in dioramas.

  2. Yep, Spain for these on Amazon around14.95€. Super basic like Fashionista 51 polka-dot skirt blue top paid 10.35€ all taxes included free shipping.

  3. It's difficult for a guy doll collector (action figures orientation) to buy Ken dolls. I have many 12 inch male dolls related to movie stars (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo from Star Wars to the man in Wonder Woman 2-pack you picked up in Los Angeles a month ago), male soldiers of military 12 inch and 12 inch Terminator or Swarzenegger … but only women can appreciate different looking Ken's that I still don't buy! 🤔 As for these 2019 Fashionistas … I bought first #113 "Love" with her red lipstick (sort of a military blonde nurse look from those 1960s TV shows like Combat or Air Force pilot shows)! "Love Barbie" is my favorite in this new line of female Fashionista designs. Her interesting checkered shoulder exposed one piece dress is an interesting fashion!! She wears a golden spike bracelet and interesting black sandal-like boots that make it good enough of a fashion sell to me! Next at #2 on my list is that curvey "Afro girl" you are planning to buy #105! She looks definitely 1970s collegiate with that adopted disco era afro looks back then! She definitely can wear not only her great Fashionista attire but many more we remember of those lovely curvy "afro females" from the 1970s (I know you'd be itching to put her in your blue or purple dress with a white belt)! Third on my list as new Fashionista favorites are #103 "Unicorn Love" girl now showing beautiful Hispanic looks in fashion. With a unicorn emblem (with LOV -) she wears white hiking boots to picnic party with Fashionista #88 "Unicorn Magic!" 🤗 NOTE: ALL THREE GIRLS WEAR A 1-PIECE TOP-TO-MINI SKIRT FASHION for picnic to around the house fashion attire!

  4. Why is it so expensive in Canada??? I noticed that over other situations like online buying it seems they charge more. My sister in law is Canadian so I could ask her but she always thinks we hate her cause she's Canada but that's as far from the truth as possible…………we hate her cause she's a butt lol nah we love her!!!❤❤❤😂

  5. The Asian guy, followed by the broad guy are my favorites! We've just seen the head sculpts way too much on the other three. I finally saw the Asian guy at one of my Walmarts the other day, for the first time.

  6. I've been waiting for awhile for you to do World Peacekeeper reviews. I remember you buying some. Please do some reviews as they are awesome figures with accessories. And I want to see you swap out clothes or accessories with the Ken Dolls with them.

  7. 🔧😲😤💞💓😗😙😚💖💗💘💕💓💓💞💞🎉🎉🎄🎄🎈💖💗💕💓💝💞💞 hi Jason I love your fashionista Ken dolls 2019 love from Vanessa

  8. niiice.. no more head tabs!! they're so nasty- esp when they muck up the paint/sculpting on the sculpted hair dolls. The broad ken is my favorite.. and the regular ken in sweats- almost looks Taller than everyone else.. hmmmm…


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