BeamNG – 8×8 BigRig Offroader Progress #8
– Detached the spine brackets linked to the Frame, and made customized J-beam buildings for them.
– Added partitions to the cargo flooring outfit, with customized J-beams construction

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Mod used: Truck mod not launched but.

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  1. Quick suggestion, but is there any way you can make the engine sounds better quality? I’ve noticed in your “Racing and Crashing the…” videos that the sound quality isn’t great, especially on the Mustang one. I personally enjoy the engine sounds, and I’m sure many others do as well, so could you try to up the sound quality for those types of videos? Thanks! ~Rowan

  2. Looks awesome I love the power it looks like it has I love the off-road tires and suspension that's on it and how it rides over everything good job

  3. i dunno. im kinda new to your channel. Did you wanna make another mod? I actually tryed a year ago to put a dodge Challenger into the game. I failed. When you want you can try. I Modelled everything myself. No conversion crap.

  4. Have you thought of adding one of those competition off-road specs where they're all stripped out with a massive roll cage around the whole thing?


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