This is my first stand up video with some jokes that I feel are humorous. Hope you want them as effectively.

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Video and Audio – Rakesh U.P
Sound mixing, mastering and enhancing – Erwick D’Souza ( EFD productions)
Location courtesy – That comedy membership, Bangalore
Written and carried out by – Anand Rathnam
Special thanks – Rahul Subramaniam and Kumar Varun


  1. Try not joking about kicking dogs brother… m all for comedy, i am obsessed with watching comedy… but kicking?!?!? Its like thieves kicking dwarfs because they aint as tall as Ramu!

    Rest of the content ❤️

  2. Ru fucking idiot man who will apriciate this type of comedy of
    Colour maching lagiens this shit
    I dont think that your comedy carrier is going too far long if u critisize like this

  3. I've fallen in love with you. I'm in love. You're good looking and funny and by funny I mean funny in a clever way! I love you 💜 and this act was AWESOME


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