On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Allum Bokhari, senior expertise correspondent at Breitbart news, joined me to debate why persons are rising extra involved about threats to their free speech from Silicon Valley large tech firms.




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  1. I am not a bit Alex Jones fan, he is kind of too far out there for me. But, nothing he has ever said has been proven wrong. So love him or hate him he is right spot on.

  2. Think about it if every time you made a comment or searched something your name, phone number and address would be logged. What would you do? You would spend your time looking up puppy videos. You would not be looking for the real news or videos. Do not vote for Justin next time or he will bring this to us full force. Go look up how it works in China. You won't like it.

  3. The Bible prophecy about the apocalypse and the coming world system of control are coming true…and yes…the Bible does say that the system of control will be successfully implemented despite what you might think that outrage will overturn their plans.

  4. They forgot to add" remember, we are watching you. Any enemies of the state will be sent to the coal mines. Have a pleasant ride".
    Communism will fail just like in Russia.

  5. Social credit use in ancient time. When people thought Richard the second murder two childern of his uncle. When than other claim to the throne rise up his solider didnot fight that well due to low morale. One of his great baron turn on him than in that battle Richard was kill.

  6. I'm sorry, but I am currently IN China. I have never heard this on any train. I don't like China in the least, but I still have never heard them announce this on a train.

  7. "Social Credit" is very real. Look up "Sesame Credit" and their connection to "Alibaba". On the other hand, clip from Chinese bullet-train is questionable. Why would the message be broadcast in English?!

  8. You get a pass for knowing who Alex Jones is. No need to make comparisons. I'd embrace it actually. Infowars Official still has '1500' Subscribers. (Edited for "Punctuation." lol)

  9. I don't agree that. It's not the government?? These companies are cohorts with our government. They're give them tax, leniency
    and their giving government information on us and lying about it. Elected official sells them their vote, social corporations give the congressmen and representatives election money. Government to control Society. They test the boundaries of their limits all the time with the public, to see how far they can push the people, before the people kill them in their beds.

  10. Meanwhile the police in UK will monitor 3 London streets with facial recognition tech to "identify crooks".
    Most of the public are on board "If it helps prevent crime, I'm all for it. I've got nothing to hide."
    They need lessons in dot connecting !!!

  11. Trudeau is collecting our financial information. A wealth tax on after-tax savings will be forthcoming to pay for their out-of-control spending.

  12. From an autist's pov the west definitely has always operated on an invisible social credit system where if one exists outside the status quo they are shamed into achieving a state of "normalcy" in the eyes of said status quo. The fact alone that I have always had to force myself to act "normal" in public is proof that this system exists. For example, Christian morals are an invisible social credit system, as are the morals of every other religion. Why is it surprising that tech driven new-agers, most of which are at least agnostic, want a more concrete and theoretically beneficial system? The system itself is not a bad idea, what makes it a bad idea is it's potential for misuse.

  13. Patreon has just joined the totalitarians, they have now stated that they will be watching all people with Patreon accounts over their entire internet presence, not just on their Patreon content. And if you violate Patreon's left wing code of conduct ANYWHERE they will ban you. "Big Brother" would go green with envy. But this only applies to conservative people of course, leftists are still getting the full free pass. Time to drop Patreon, if you havent yet.


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