1. Asian women and men stick with their own because of language and culture so you will not often see them express attitude unless it is around their own environment. They feel more free in a nail salon or a Asian market.

  2. Funny, in Europe black women have no problem because the society in America makes us look bad. I met my German husband and married after 6 months. In Germany all I see us bw and wm. Please. This is bullshit. Thank God the lies on black women didnt reach Europe. Men love us there!

  3. I do not want to sound harsh but the examples you share do not apply to Asian women because their English accent is heavy and poor that most are trying to understand what they are saying and you cannot argue in a language you do not speak.
    When they are Asian American women then they are Americanized, meaning they aren’t interested in anything but Asian or white. They are submissive to those who support them and being feminine is the oldest trick in the playbook.

  4. WAKE UP!!! Yahawah's Judgment Has Arrived. To all Israelites that do not know that you are Israelites. God's Chosen People. We are NOT blacks, latinos or native americans. We are the Israelites. We are NOT a religion. We ARE a nation. The scriptures say, there is going to be a massive slaughter (The Purge) of the Israelites scattered throughout the world. 2/3rd's will die (dumb ass niggas) and 1/3rd will be saved (righteous Israelites). It's called Jacob's Trouble or The Great Tribulation (storms, earthquakes, meteor showers, world war 3, economic collapse, race war, martial law, FEMA concentration camps (empty Walmart's and Sam's Club's), famine, the RFID microchip [mark of the beast] DO NOT accept it, and nuclear warfare). Only those Israelites that obey The Laws of our Father Yahawah (His name is not God or Yahweh) and pray to Him in the name of our big brother, Lord and King Yahawashi (His name is not Jesus or Yeshua and He is not white) will be protected. Learn who you are, REPENT and obey All the commandments. Look up Israelites on YouTube. Time is running out. And you can't say, no one warned you. Yes, of course, I know. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. RIGHT?
    Check it out. (FOR NEGROS) https://youtu.be/QxhHk5htu-0
    (FOR LATINOS AND NATIVE AMERICANS) https://youtu.be/cftemJL-CTU


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