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  1. I BET IF SHE DIDNT ANNOUNCE THAT SHE GOT HER NOSE DONE YALL WOULDNT EVEN NOTICE!!! Leave her alone. I didn’t even notice anything at allllll til I starting looking at comments. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!

  2. Hey Shyla,
    I doubt you'll read this but do not feed into others' negativity. You're so so beautiful. Keep your head up and do not let all this criticism and bad/negative vibes get to you. I know it can be hard, BUT these people do not know you, the real Shyla. We only see 10-20 mins of you guys' lives. Love you gorgeous!

  3. Guys stop being so mean if this is cringe for you get the fuck outta here wtf you don’t gotta watch them and stop talking about her nose and get a job look at yourself in the mirror I’m sure you would want to look like Shyla you also don’t have a life if you asking why she acting like that nobody is perfect and there’s a simple solution you don’t like it you don’t watch it they not making you watch it ALSO that’s how you know there’s a lot of fake people here if you guys are saying all this means things you definitely not a supportive of this channel you don’t know if behind this video she’s going through something hard you NEVER know now STOP JUDGING

  4. I love love you guys and i thought i was trippin but im not the only one that sees it. Shyla dear the pain pills are kickin in! I had surgery on my nose 4 years ago to fix my deviated septum but they didnt do all that extra stuff! And i only took tylenol extra strength. When you come back out of the cloud you will hate this video!

  5. You all need to understand it takes a while for the nose to heal , my cousin looked like Michael Jackson a whole year. HOWEVER I’m not feeling Shyla anymore at ALL … she is bringing Landon down.. her whole vibes are off… I can’t .

  6. wow y’all are being truly terrible… im so glad shyla can BREATHE now and she’s so HAPPY for the holidays. im so disappointed to see that people can actually act the way y’all are acting

  7. She clearly said to not comment mean things and here you guys are commenting some of the most hurtful things you can say to anyone. As you go on with your day after commenting she's the one that reads these comments. Do you think you're building her self esteem? no. Each one of you should feel so ashamed to comment such disgusting and hurtful things. She didn't harm anyone by doing a nose job yet she is getting criticized so much for no reason at all. This is why the world has become such an ugly place because instead of caring about things that actually matter we hurt and put people down for absolutely nothing important. share some kindness my goodness people.


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