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Thea Fringe sequin mini dress – Black

Mia Shimmer Mini Dress – Black

Katherine Sequin Mini Dress- Red

Katherine Sequin Mini Dress- Black

Genesis Strapless Diamante Maxi Dress – Black

Onora Cable Knit Cropped Oversized Jumper – Cream

Baia Faux Fur Coat With Collar – Nude


  1. Lordt. If I asked my man to sit and rate my outfits, and be into it and just have a good time…pffffft yea right. This is cute

  2. You definitely need to get that dress tailored to you. When I saw the length of that dress, I was like……"Yeah…don't trip on that beautiful dress in heels please!"

  3. I ❤️this. You guys are so great together. You guys should have a reality show. I would watch that fo sure ! Until then More YouTube videos please!

  4. I L😍VE watching you two and the beautiful chemistry you have together. It reminds me of how a special Man and I were together. I watched your Broke up and got Back together 15 years Later Q & A and it gave me hope that maybe the same can happen for him and I. Great video. Keep them coming. Yessssss more please. Love ya 💕


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