I present you guys CUTE but BUMMY outfit Ideas that take actually zero effort lol

#outfitIdeas #outfitsforschool #bummyoutfits

f o l l o w m e o n i n s t a ♡:

m u s i c c r e d s:


  1. I used to always dress super nice and do My makeup anytime i went outside Even to just get some food for The House. After turning 20 i stopped caring and i dress like her almost everyday and barely put mascara on. 😆 But i actually feel The most confident Now! Lol go figure😅

  2. omggggg everything you said I was like wow were so much alike then when you say you have to wear hoops with every outfit BRUH LITERALLY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. YALL I KNOW WHY SHE DIDN’T SHOW HER SHOES WHEN SHE WAS WEARING THE ADIDAS SWEATPANTS, she definitely brand mixed nike & it's wrong but uh I'm about to do that today too so


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