With EA’s new online game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order now out in the wild, IGN talked to star Cameron Monaghan about how his weapons coaching helped land him the function of Jedi-on-the-run Cal Kestis, some loopy behind-the-scenes mishaps whereas filming a lightsaber scene, and what Cal’s lightsaber means to him and the importance of the damaged hilt.


  1. It bugs me when they get actors to do these kinds of things instead of the people that actually wrote the game/movie/show.

  2. 😂 The average 10 yr old would come up with a bigger set of moves with a lightsaber than this game offers. He's a great actor, but don't over hype this empty shell of a jedi game 😴

  3. I didn't even think of it but my wife said the other day when she say me playing Jedi Fallen Order. Isn't that the guy off the shoe Shameless? I was like holy crap it is.


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