Who else looks like they don’t have anything to wear even with a closet stuffed with Clothes? bc that is me on a regular basis 😅

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IG: http://instagram.com/jenniferrlai

⋆ jlaicontact@gmail.com

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outfit 1
striped turtleneck: yesstyle
denims: asos
flannel: yesstyle
sock boots: boohoo

▻ outfit 2
striped turtleneck: yesstyle
white denims: kooding
jacket: levi’s
sock boots: boohoo
beanie: asos
bag: teddy blake

▻ outfit 3
t-shirt: uniqlo
mesh prime: stylenanda
denim skirt: dollskill
leather-based jacket: dollskill
lace up boots: dollskill

▻ outfit 4
t-shirt: stylenanda
denims: stylenanda
white boots: topshop
blazer: bershka

▻ outfit 5
prime: topshop
denims: stylenanda
leather-based jacket: dollskill
boots: asos

▻ outfit 6
hoodie: assc
shorts: dollskill
blazer: stylenanda
sneakers: yeezy 500
bag: bershka

▻ outfit 7
striped turtleneck: stylenanda
denim skirt: ain
cardigan: asos
sneakers: vans old school

▻ outfit 8
hoodie: mixxmix
pants: yesstyle
sneakers: nike af1
bag: asos
beanie: asos

▻ outfit 9
ribbed turtleneck: topshop
denim skirt: pull&bear
blazer: stylenanda
sneakers: nike cortez
belt: stylenanda
bag: teddy blake

▻ outfit 10
white t-shirt: mixxmix
skirt: bershka
sneakers: nike af1
denim jacket: levi’s

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⋆ title: jennifer lai / 黎詠儀
⋆ top: 5’2″ / 158cm
⋆ ethnicity: chinese language american

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⋆ ‘waters (prod. Hae.)’ by DUVV
⋆ ‘customsflip’ by IOAH
⋆ ‘like breathin (prod. cocobolo)’ by FR:EDEN
⋆ ‘do not contact me (deepshower remix)’ by Def.


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digital camera: canon g7x mark II https://amzn.to/2TM7EPB
enhancing: remaining reduce professional x


  1. I really love your outfits 💜 (but one tip to outfit no.1 (it's just my opinion): I would never wear a striped top with a plaid shirt)but your outfit is still beautiful 😍💜

  2. love the outfits! But I just feel like a realistic "nothing to wear" means literally nothing to wear, like you didn't do laundry and now you have to leave the house and is left with no choice but to make an outfit out of pieces of clothing you either hate or are old (stuff you haven't thrown out yet).

  3. Your outfits are so cuute, i also have the nike cortez so it would be cool to style them with a skirt and a blazer. I really love ur looks… My fav is the black jogger with the cropped sweater so cozy ❗ ILY 😘😘😘❤❤

  4. Hi Unnie!!!
    Thanks for this video😍 I really need an idea for my first week of school outfit and here you are making one.😍 Thank you unnie… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😘


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