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Equipments, Camera and Gears I Use to Produce movies!

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
The high quality of this digicam is excellent, but it surely does not have exterior microphone enter.

Extra Camera Battery and Charger

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout

Portable External Hard Drive

AmazonFundamentals 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Tripod Stand and Wireless Shutter Remote

SanDisk 64GB Class four SDXC Flash Memory Card

Pink Backdrop

Backdrop Support

Backdrop Support Spring Clamp

Panda Mouse

Editing Program
Final Cut Pro

MacBook Pro

The black pair of footwear is sponsored by Emina’s Vision.

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  1. Hi yumi i love all your videos , can you do an skin routine because your skin look very beautiful and pure and how do you make your knees and elbows white . ♡♡♥please make it ♥♡♡

  2. You have your own closet? I share one with my husband. I only have three dresses and only one looks good on me.. I only have four pairs of shoes. Just recently bought some heeled shoes. They make me feel tall (I'm 5'2). 😊

  3. The long sleeves dresses looks more for spring and autumn. I could die wearing long sleeves on summer in my city xD. I loved the shoes so much <3

  4. As a goth, this video makes me so happy <3

    Those shoes look cute and I'd say, they matched that lovely tailed dress at 5:14, the dress is almost like a feminine and chic version of a burlesque style skirt. (She also looks like a cute dark fairy elf princess 💜)

    Out of all of the dresses, I extremely adore the one at 5:55 because of those marvelous sleeves!! 🖤🖤🖤 I would layer a shorter skirt over it with a tulle petticoat underneath. Ooooh that'd be so cute just thinking it.

    And omg, the shirt dress with the dainty collar at 6:27 is so darling I feel like the heels match this dress the most. It's a mixture of posh tea party at midnight, but you aren't afraid to kick people in the face x3
    But either way, the dress itself is so cute, oooh with striped tights maybe. I'm getting Wednesday Addams vibes from it and I love it.

    I feel like the type of heels that they are, (wedges) the feet would get crampy and discomfort after a while? That's just my guess though.
    I loved this video, and I would love to see your all-black closet. 😻

  5. I think my favorite dresses were the ones with the large bell sleeves and criss cross neck and the other dress with frilled neck and cuffs and white corset style lace up in back. Those were fantastic and I'd love to find ones like those myself

  6. Black, purple and red suit you very very well I love all of the outfits you picked I love the dress that was longer with lace with the metal details and also the simple one with the wings in the back those shoes go really well with those dresses. Because the shoes are so simple and basic it doesnt take away the attetion to the dress good job and work on putting this video together. 🙂

  7. I love your soft, little kid like voice(not trying to be mean) and how else like the sparkle on her cheeks!? Like or comment in you do!!!

  8. I remember the first video I watched of you. I actually had a nightmare sbefore watching thw first video and the video scared me. You made a pink lolita dress. It was so cute!

  9. hiii Yumi yess black clothes is everything ! xo and yess those shoes looked good with all the dresses , my favorite is the one with big flared arms


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