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  1. Oh my! I need those dresses in my life. Most of them look amazing on you. I really, really, really want them. Your clothes always look adorable.

  2. Im a little late to this vid. But girl u need to stop doubting your looks all the time all of thosr outfits were very nice &i plan on buying each one that i don't already have u r a beautiful female &so what if your body is small mine's is the same u can either be confident &expect your self how u r or just go &get breast &butt surgery etc. &be done with it but stop being so damn critical of your self&almost any/every thing u put on.

  3. First, Yes that looks like a material I'd use for a mermaid tail. Maybe taking it in in the right places will fit it better for you. Or finding the right accessory's.
    Second, Red does look good on you. I've seen something like this in a floor length/mermaid skirt. I'd get one for myself but I only see myself wearing it once or twice a year.
    Third, this dress looks lovely. I can see using it year round with a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck. Finding the right shoes is going to be a problem.
    Fifth outfit is something I can see wearing at work or church. It is a little Cruella Deville so it might also work for a Disney Bound outfit.
    Sixth, Another that looks lovely on you. Like the second I'd likely only wear it once or twice a year.
    Seventh, This is a unique look. I'd likely wear it out for clubbing or for a date. Maybe wear a flesh tone long sleeve shirt under it if you have issues with the lace?
    Eight and nine, Those are something my sister would wear. She's been a Goth and worn that style of clothing since the late 90's.
    Ten made me think Pirate because of the blouse. I'd likely wear that as a daily work or school outfit. Oh Wine red looks good, but so does the black. Hard to say which is better, I'm likely to buy both.
    Twelve looks good, I'd likely wear that as a casual top with a few skirts or jeans. Another color would be great, blue or red might work.
    As for the fourth, ninth and eleventh outfits. I'm not a fan of pink, you could ask my mom about how I haven't worn that color since second grade. Also the third outfit is a little to close to pink so I'd likely get it in a darker color.

    Sorry about the wall of text. I did try to keep each outfit to just a few sentences.

  4. Like the red , purple, pink , blue sequins, black with pearl , black with leather strap pinkaboo cut outs, white shirt red dress and matching black one

  5. I m interested your sewing pattern I have not sewing machine very costly for this machine my country I have not buying so you send me this sewing machine in my country I live in Pakistan city of multan please my name is khadija

  6. Even though I'm not a big fan of the big ruffle on the red dress that dress was made for dancing the night away. Irt looks stunning on your body shape/color. Those red shoes are epic and the more sexier outfits. The pink dress, you should tailor it to your fit no change it very pretty as it is. Great video!!

  7. You telepamy with a video of the chemical and I wandening views of your body totally for the month that does not walk in this way that he's a line of time and then we are called and sweet and gentleman gold, such as the rose after her mammathao and brought her bircho and hello

  8. I like the red one. It's my favorite 😍💓❤️. You look good in all of them but the red was my favorite and you rocked it pretty good. I want the red dress in medium size if they still have one left in my size.😍😂🤩😘

  9. Woo the sparkly dress in the beginning! And the second red dress looks really really classy. The third lilac one looks like it fits perfectly, so pretty. The fifth black/white one looks really classy too 👌The pearly one with the deep V neckline looks really good but looks itchy… Wow so many good outfits, I think I would wear the lilac dress, #3.


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