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In this VladTV clip, China Mac talked in regards to the final time he had a 9-to-5 job. He couldn’t keep in mind precisely when, however he mentioned he had a job at Burger King. He mentioned he bought an emergency web page, so he left his job and rolled up on somebody together with his homies in a Burger King outfit.

From there, China Mac spoke about being in solitary confinement while in jail, saying it was traumatic regardless that it was “the same s**t everyday.” From there, the rapper broke down the method of being locked down in solitary, saying the officers in jail had been taking part in video games with the meals being served, resulting in some prisoners being starved.


  1. Lmao people beefing in the comment section is hilarious. Like, wtf? Send me your location and I'm gonna fuck you up. You don't know me! Smh aight, keyboard gangstas

    Save that energy for that 9-5 and side hustle

  2. Clad asked him a simple question. “Have you worked a 9 to 5?” This fool went on the answer the question and incriminate himself. Now all of a sudden clad is working for the police

  3. “I was trying to order some food at the BK but then the Asian dude on the fries ran out. I tried to talk sense but he said it was for the set. I couldn’t have my fries Vlad, there was no one to make me my fries”

    -TK Kirkland on experiencing a young China Mac

  4. Damn, before I clicked, I was really hoping it was gonna say that China Mac ran up wearing a Burger King crown. That shit would've been so hard…

  5. Alright imma break it down. Say you make 300 off a 8ball. If it takes you 2 weeks to move a 8ball to get 300, wtf is that. If you spent your last 150 to get it you’re gonna be broke for 2 weeks before u can spend any money and even then you only really have 150 to yourself. That’s how it is with jobs. Some people don’t got any money at the time they could be role wit jus 50 cent in they pocket and I get u gotta work but sometimes u can’t wait and you’d rather move 3 8ball in a night and make 450 then it’s like you just made the amount you woulda got paid in the two weeks working that job. WE HAVE THE RIGHT MIND FRAME OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, WERE JUST DISTRIBUTING THE WRONG PRODUCT

  6. china mac an og droppin jewels on vladimir the butcher. vlad how the fuck u still asking these questions you ask when you been in the rap game 20 years. or maybe u just actin a role here

  7. I did 2 months in the hole 23/ outside, just a little room and at midnight i got my hour in a open gym and that was it…idk how you can do 1 year let alone almost 3 seeing the same 3-4 people. Fuck jail


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