Quad loses her thoughts when she permits Heavenly to set her up on a blind date. Dr. Jackie piles on her to-do record by renovating a brand new workplace. An overwhelmed Contessa throws an enormous carnival birthday for her youngsters, hoping to make up for her mommy guilt. Buffie involves Simone for assist when she discovers a lump in her breast.


  1. I would never order from this page again at this point it’s stealing from me, I paid from the whole season and only received up to ep9. At least you could’ve posted an apology or something to let us know what’s going on? 🤷🏽‍♀️ !!!

  2. Now wasn't Quad married too Dr. Greg 🤔🤔🤔.. Soooo why is sis talking about these men looks like that as if she has good taste in men, but then again sis was just looking for a check instead of finding real love 🤷

  3. Damn these women ages doesn’t match their looks. Quad said she’s 38 and look in her 40s and Buffie said she is 41 and looks closer to 50. On another note, Quad is quite conceited. What is she bringing to the table. Contessa on the hand needs to calm down and work on her marriage instead of reading into everything.

  4. Dr. Contessa I love ya, but it's not that serious. Oh please Mariah was being messy by saying it was a dirty pool. I'm sure Avery said that because anxiety set in with everyone's child being in the pool. Dr. Heavenly…


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